Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ReBody Supplements: First Impressions

ReBody Program: Hunger Chews & Pre-3 Max Workout Enhancement Formula. PHOTO: Kestrel Heat Stress Tracker, ThermaLuxe Polar Bottle & Buddy Lee Jump Rope
As the weather is finally breaking with some warmer temps and sunshine in the northeast, I'm encouraged to get outside more and more.  This past weekend was a blast! Close to 4 hours of inline skating that left me sweaty but really happy to know that my body is no longer in dormant mode. Today I shook it up a bit more with a bit of speed rope time, (see my Jump Rope Mix).

So how do you maximize your workouts so they yield the most gains? When I use my weight machine, I make sure to have my recovery drink within 30 minutes of completing the last rep. I have a chocolate-Sunbutter based smoothie whipped up in my VitaMix as a reward for my hard work. So I've been thinking, what about BEFORE my workout? 

Pre-3 Max: Exercise More Effectively
I've recently been using Re-Body's Pre-3 Max which is a Pre-Exercise Energy Optimizer. I definitely needed something even as a motivator because sometimes, especially in the mornings, you're just not quite there. Even the thought of working out is tiring!  The Pre-3 Max contains what they call 3 superstar ingredients, namely Powergrape, CapsiMax plus Rhodiolife. This formula also comes in a caffeine free version but I am using the regular one which offers 200mgs per serving.

I Need a Boost
On days that I know I will be out exercising for long periods of time is when I think this product will perform the best. It is supposed to reduce oxidative stress which comes with aerobic exercises like skating, cycling, running, jumping rope, etc. However you can also build up oxidative stress when lifting weights. We all want stronger muscles and using a supplement like this before you workout is a great incentive to go hard. I am noticing that once I am into the reps on my Nordic Flex Ultra Lift, I seem to get stronger with each set. I also rest less between them so I can get through a bit quicker. Over the past three weeks, I have noticed a bit more definition in my upper arms which is quite a milestone. My legs are generally not a problem because of all the cycling, skating & walking I do.

Re-Body Meal Plan
It may not seem like a big thing but I really like about the Re-Body Program is that it is based on real food and pretty wholesome food at that. The little booklet, Commit Connect Succeed has a sample meal plan anyone can follow because the components are easily available. They give you some ideas and calorie counts on meals rich in complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. Fact is, now I pretty much Panini Grill or Rotisserie nearly everything. Not only do I enjoy those fancy criss-cross grill marks but I am using a LOT less olive and coconut oil for cooking. I grill peppers, onions, eggplant, you name it, and it all comes out so delicious.

Complex carbs like those shown here are at the core of the Re-Body Meal Plan
Even though I've written several books on nutrition, (The New Woman's Herbal & Nutritional Guide Lotus Press) this is something simple to remind you of calories, fats, portion sizes and what a healthy, balanced meal looks like.

Hunger Chews
What I have found to really be helpful are the Hunger Chews. They taste delicious with a Star-Bursty Mandarin orange flavor and come individually foil wrapped. These are a definite hit. They contain a natural Satiereal Saffron Extract (Crocus sativus L.)  If you have a specific meal where you tend to over-do it, that would be the meal or time to take a Hunger Chew. My highest calorie meal is dinner plus the extra snacks that tend to go with the end of the day. I take one of these before dinner and it knocks out all of that recreational night-time snacking. This is something that you can take to get serious control over your calorie count and will give you immediate, measurable results.

Moving Forward
As you may know, I am in training for the Rapha Women's 100 coming up in July. The day of the event is NOT the time to try something new! So that is why I am trying these supplements NOW rather than wait. So far, I feel great and think the Re-Body Program is going to be a successful addition to my existing cross training program. These two products: Pre-3 Max & Hunger Chews are so far filling a gap in my exercise & meal planning protocol. If I can get those two issues nailed down, I believe I'm going to see some pretty amazing results as the season progresses.

Buddy Lee's Aero Speed Jump Rope

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