Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ABC's Good Morning America Meteorologist Ginger Zee to Run Again for Hunger Awareness

Ginger Zee and I are invited VIP runners again for NYC's Run10FEED10!
She's back! Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee of TV's Good Morning America is at it again to run for Feed Projects in NYC on Sunday September 18th, 2016. Ginger and I are again VIP invited runners for this event hosted by Women's Health Magazine & Macy's to raise hunger awareness and money for Feed Projects.

Ginger Zee at the Empire State Building Lighting

You can see last year's RUN10FEED10 NYC full race coverage HERE.

Each runner gets a LTD Edition FEED Pouch with their race registration.
Each person who runs that day makes 10 meals possible for needy area children. Yes, hunger is a problem here in the United States and FEED Projects makes sure local children receive nutritious meals. As the brainchild of Lauren Bush Lauren, former President Bush's daughter, this charitable organization puts meals where they are needed...in front of little ones.

I'd especially like to acknowledge and thank my support team/sponsors for this race: 

Women's Health Magazine for my VIP Invitation & Race Sponsorship.

Hoka One One - Footwear Sponsorship

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems - Official Corporate Sponsor

Warm up before we start. This was great! PHOTO courtesy of Women's Health Mag.
Last year I met Ginger before the race as she was officiating for us who ran. She was expecting so sat this one out if you could call it that. She was on her feet...a lot! Ginger got the crowd thoroughly pumped and with her standing at the start line, the race was ON.

Ginger Zee officiates the start! PHOTO courtesy of Women's Health Mag.
Ginger On running as a part of her fitness routine:
“Running is a weekly, maybe bi-weekly part of my fitness routine. I think everybody is different. Every body reacts differently. But that’s the beauty of this. It’s something you can train for and make a goal of. That’s what so cool about this event. You’re benefiting yourself, but you’re also greatly benefiting your community.”

One World Trade Center in the distance as we move down West Side Hwy.
Coming back, we ran along the Hudson River Park trail and enjoyed the breeze off the water. So won't you join us this year? It is such a worthy cause and it would make me so happy to see as many people as can, turn out. There is a 10k Run (which Ginger & I have done) and a 5k. Come on out and do what you can! Sign up for the September 18th, 2016 NYC Race online at Run10Feed10.com

Ginger Zee and me after the 2016 Run 10 FEED 10 Race.

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