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2015 Rapha Women's 100 Ride Highlights & Lessons Learned

A very warm day on the road (as usual).
2015 Rapha Women's 100 This is my third year participating in the Rapha Women's 100 and despite the heat, I think it was one of my best events yet. I'm pretty much acclimatized to the weather as I have been riding in it all summer using my heavier Nishiki Sport Touring bicycle. It's about 10 lbs heavier than my Terry Symmetry and does not have Aero Bars.

My Terry Symmetry parked along my ride route
Weight Restrictions - I decided to "go ultra light" by carrying only ONE water + ice bottle. I had planned my route to include a stop at Wawa who was very kind to provide me with a refill at no charge.While I was there I met two other women cyclists not doing the Women's 100 but out for a ride because they missed their Hot Yoga class! I couldn't imagine trading a fresh air work out for a hot stuffy studio on a day like this. So this "less H2O" strategy worked out as the ride was lighter that way. It definitely helped when I had to out run a King Charles Spaniel who started chasing me...on a hill.

Kit of Day: Milan-SanRemo Espiritu Santo
Ride Kit When I left at about 8:30 am, it was 73 degrees with a steady breeze out of the southwest. Perfect! Still that changed pretty quick. It is after all July, (almost August), so by the time I was done it was closer to 90 +. My ride kit is perhaps my total favorite of all. It is made in Columbia by Safety Smartwear. This is the Milan-SanRemo Kit and the logo, Espiritu Santo means "Holy Spirit". Their garment tag has a nun riding a bike! Whatever that's all about, this kit fits like a glove with just the right amount of padding in the chamois for a day in the saddle. The cuffs are also amazing as they lay flat without the use of grippy silicone strips. Cool mesh side panels and amazingly comfortable bibs complete this kit. I even took it under a much needed ride through a sprinkler. Heavenly!

Another ride for the books.
New Training Table Additions Filed under NEW TRAINING TABLE FOODS & SUPPLEMENTS you will find some of the goodies I've added to my diet this summer to help prepare for this ride. I also did about 2 weeks of vegan meals from Veestro Foods who delivered these gourmet delights to my door. I felt amazing out there and my energy levels were great. I think I only had 1/2 of a GU Peanut Butter Energy Gel as a little boost. So definitely more vegan meals are in my future! 

Vegan Empanadas from Veestro Foods

As for protein shakes and snacks, I've only been using Usana's Meal Replacement Shakes (the new Wild Strawberry is so delicious) and their Berry Nutty Nutritional Bars. The shakes are VERY filling and made from multi-protein sources like whey, pea and soy. The Berry Nutty Bars contain dried cherries with raw almonds and cashews. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Usana - Nutritional Foods

Secondly, I've been taking MitoQ's new Heart Supplement. The capsules are easy for me to break down and I have noticed a much faster return to my resting heart rate after exertion since taking these for a little under a month.
I've also been taking Turmeric Supreme by Gaia Herbs. It has almost completely wiped out my need for topical pain creams and rubs even after a long ride or run, I'm seldom sore anymore. Prior to this ride, I did spray my ankles with Zim's Max-Freeze which has aloe, arnica, vitamin E and tea tree oil. Kind of like an embrocation of sorts. I didn't have to stop to massage my ankles or feet, not once.

Gaia Turmeric Supreme

Lessons Learned from This Year's Ride:

Take only ONE water bottle - refill on the route
Go vegan for two weeks before the ride
Have a few carbs the night before
Include cooling training table foods and herbs like dried cherries, curcumin, almonds
Cross train by alternating ride days with running and weight lifting days.
Make sure tires are properly inflated to the max just before the ride
Stop and smell the roses or just ride through the sprinklers. The journey is just as important as the destination

My 2015 Rapha Roundel

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