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Heidi Powell's Bikini Booty Mission Workout and Interview

Enjoying Heidi's kick "booty" work out in The Hamptons
Heidi Powell, celebrity trainer and co-host of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss treated us VIP guests of Women's Health Magazine's in The Hamptons this past weekend. This day of healthy living was hosted at the Montauk Point home of V.P. and Publisher of Women's Health, Laura Frerer-Schmidt.

Taking in the view from the roof after our workout

After a bit of stretching on the roof with wellness expert, Mandy Ingber, we moved down to the pool area for Heidi's super charged Bikini Booty Mission class. 

Heidi starts off with some cool warm up moves

I love watching Extreme Weight Loss which is now in its 5th season. In fact Heidi and Chris inspired me to run my first half marathon which I did in Central Park this past April. That was a huge milestone for me so the chance to meet and workout with Heidi herself was not to be missed. It was very warm that day but Heidi was in top form and we had a super Bikini Booty workout. We did a tag team deal with a partner. If you've watched the show, they often do this to bring out the best (or worst) in couples. One person did a plank while the other did burpees all in rotation. It was so much fun especially with the music pumping. We couldn't have asked for a better location to work out.

Heidi pouring it on!
We also did multiple Sumu Squats to get the glutes in shape. Heidi has such a great sense of humor that the time just flew by and it didn't feel like drudgery because of that. After the workout, I sat down with Heidi to find out what's her schedule like and how as a mother of four young children, she manages to fit in her work outs and "me" time.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Heidi Powell
If you've followed Extreme Weight Loss through the seasons, you'll see that Heidi has come into her own as a trainer and fitness expert on the show. This was a super move in my opinion as Heidi is able to help other women who may be hesitant to bring up certain subjects with Chris. Heidi is not only a trainer but a business woman who handles the technical affairs of this team. Chris is more of the creative visionary. Whatever they are doing, it's working!

So how does Heidi feel about fitting everything in yet still making time for herself every day? She says: "My workouts are MY time." She follows her own advice and says that you can't be the best for others if you do not take care of yourself first. Very true. As they are out of their home base in Phoenix Arizona, 2/3 rds of the year working with their "show peeps" this can be very tricky. Add in four children who need your attention and to be taken to school plus activities, your schedule looks something like this:

5 am 1st workout as a couple. This gives Heidi and Chris a little time together to start the day.

6 am Breakfast. Chris makes breakfast for the children and then drives everyone to school

Upon returning home, Skill work in the Gym

10 am - 3 pm Catching up on business, calls, clients, etc. while the children are in school 

3-5 pm Pick up kids from school, homework and sports. Children are all in bed by 8 pm

Wife, Mother, business woman and fitness expert.
I'd say Heidi definitely has her priorities in order. She is very warm and loving to care about others wishing them to have the same healthy body she does. More than that, these transformations help the person's entire life. They are more self-confident and self-assured. 

Another thing the show addresses are toxic co-dependency and enablers one may have. Some people are simply not committed to doing what it takes to be healthy and will subtly try to dissuade others in that direction. They will bring home high calorie junk food "for you" and proceed to eat most of it themselves (in front of you)! Some people especially when they are first starting out can't have garbage in their house and it's very difficult to get everyone on board with that. In some cases you may have to just move out. This is especially true when the person is not only non-supportive but actively sabotaging your weight loss efforts at every turn. It's sad but it happens. You have to decide that you are worth it and deserve to be happy, healthy and in great shape. I'll have more tips and advice from Heidi in my upcoming posts as I train for the Run 10 Feed 10, 10K Run in September.

A fantastic day of fitness at The Point

Special thanks to Women's Health Magazine for the invitation and transportation to this day of fitness and the annual Party Under the Stars in The Hamptons.
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