Friday, April 21, 2017

Good Morning America's Amy Robach to Host 2017 Shape Women's Half Marathon

ABC's GMA Amy Robach and XTreme XTraining to cover the 2017 Shape Women's Half Marathon
April 30th, 2017 - NYC is the race date for the 2017 Shape Women's Half Marathon. Our celebrity host this year is none other than Amy Robach of ABC TV's Good Morning America.  

Amy will be on hand for televised broadcasts and race day coverage. You can get more details on the race and sign up yourself at:   #WOMENRUNTHEWORLD on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. Follow me at DOCTORM and DOCTORMM respectively.

My tee and medal from my last Shape Women's Half-Marathon

Once again, XTreme XTraining is specially invited, Credentialed Press for this 13.1 mile run through Central Park in NYC. Yes, that's me in the lead photo wearing my PRESS PASS near the start line. That year I ran as an embedded journalist and took some amazing GoPro style shots from inside the race course.

On the race course in Central Park

There are many other celebrities attending and running this year's race. One of my favorite runners is Olympic Medalist, and American Record Holder, Deena Kastor. I caught her flying by during my coverage of the 2015 race so it will be great to see her again this year. 

She's No. 1! Deena Kastor blasting by for the win at the 2015 Shape Half-Marathon.
Really, the whole day is just one big celebration of women who love to run and are not ashamed to show it. The course loops twice around scenic Central Park which has built in hills and inclines. It is a hard roadway so I usually switch over from my Trail Shoes to Road Shoes for extra comfort.
You can read my recap of my last Shape Women's Half-Marathon HERE. Below is a little race time video from the Shape Women's Half roadway in Central Park.

Running the 2015 Shape Half-Marathon in Central Park

RACE DAY TIP #1: You may want to wear running shoes 1/2 size larger than usual. This will help accommodate any potential foot swelling which may occur over the course of the race. Some runners likewise switch to thinner socks for a little extra room.

Dancing at the Central Park Bandshell after the race.

RACE DAY TIP #2: First Timers- If this is your first time entering a half-marathon, keep in mind that you do not have to run the entire distance. Yes, you must finish within a set period of time, (somewhere around four hours), but you can also WALK this race course.  I interviewed a pregnant French woman who was doing just that. There are even apps that will signal you to jog 30 seconds and then walk 2 minutes in intervals. That will keep you moving along at a set pace and insure that you finish on time.

Mom and daughter did this half-marathon together!

I'd again like to recognize my Official 2017 Race Season Sponsors:

Meredith Publishing for my invitation and PRESS accommodations for the 2017 Shape Women's Half-Marathon.

The Shape Women's Half Marathon is hosted by the New York Road Runners Club

Hoka One One Athletic Shoes - Now into their THIRD year as my Official Equipment Sponsor. Uber cushy, I am training in their Bondi 5 Trail Shoes this season. Visit them at

My Hoka One One Bondi 5's in Medieval Blue

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MyoBuddy Massager Pro

If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, we'll see you out there!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 Riker Danzig Newport 10K Run

The 14th Annual Newport 10K kicks off on May 6th in Jersey City!

Newport, NJ is the launch point for the 14th Annual Riker Danzig Newport 10K on Saturday May, 6th at 8:30 am. This time, I'll be running on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River instead of running down West Side Highway and then Hudson River Park in NYC. I can't wait to catch a view of the NYC skyline from there! 

I get to see the NYC skyline from the NJ side this time.

Touted to be the fastest course in the NYC/Tri-State Area, proceeds from this race go to benefit Jersey City Medical Center and Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health.  Check out all the race details and register online HERE.

Do follow me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM with the hashtag #JerseyRunning as XTreme XTraining is an Official Blog Partner for this epic race event.

XX is Credentialed Press again for the Shape Women's Half-Marathon

XTreme XTraining is also again Invited Credentialed Press for the Shape Women's Half Marathon in Central Park with Good Morning America Host, Amy Robach #WomenRunTheWorld on Sunday, April 30th, 2017

My GoPro shot of the Shape Women's Half Marathon start line in Central Park.

I want to thank my current 2017 Season Sponsors and invite other corporate sponsors to apply HERE as soon as possible as I have only a few slots available. Meet my team:

Hoka One One Running Shoes In their 3rd year as my equipment sponsor, this year I am training in their latest trail shoe, the Bondi 5. My training run is a packed gravel 5K fitness trail so these shoes are the ones that hold up the best. When I do the races which are often the NYC roadways of Central Park (Shape Women's Half Marathon) and the Run10FEED10 race down West Side Highway, I switch to Hoka One One's Vanquish models which are high performance road shoes.

Hoka One One's are my trail and road shoes of choice.

Women's Health Magazine - Rodale Press Along with being my biggest supporter and sponsor for the past three years of the NYC Run10FEED10 race to benefit FEED Projects, Rodale Press publishes excellent books and articles on nutrition and fitness. I recently got Maria Rodale's "Scratch"cookbook which offers great, wholefood recipes and menu ideas. Perfect for my fitness training table.

Women's Health Magazine - The Hamptons

MyoBuddy Massager Pro - offers athletes and cross trainers a "masseuse on call" for tight tendons and over-worked muscles. Professional quality massager that you'd likely find in an upscale spa. Really puts the healing power in your hands with multiple speeds. Visit

Prospective Race Sponsors: Do get in touch with me immediately at regarding sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the 2017 Race Year.

NYC's RUN10FEED10 Race along the Hudson

Monday, March 27, 2017

Healthy Oils for the Human Machine

Your Spring Training Table should include these healthy oils.

Only a few years ago some top nutritionists (not me though) kept recommending egg whites over whole eggs. What was subsequently found was that the egg yolks contain essential fatty acids, EFA's, choline, B-12, vitamin A & D plus trace minerals like selenium and phosphorus. So there are obvious holes in a fat free or low fat diet. News flash...whole eggs are back!

Weight Training
If you are working out and lifting weights, you may wish to avail yourself of coconut oil in cooking and your smoothies. Some athletes even add a teaspoonful to their coffee! Nature's Approved Organic Coconut Oil has added a Peppermint flavored version to try. Added to coffee or tea, it boosts your senses and mental acuity almost immediately. Our brains are mostly composed of fat so this is a great start to the day with pure brain food. If you want to add coconut oil to a cold almond or oat milk smoothie, try MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which stays liquid even when chilled as it is fractionated. All the coco-nutty smell and taste is removed so it may be more versatile for applications where these are less desirable.

Add some fractionated coconut oil to your morning smoothies.

Cooking With Flavored Coconut Oils
One of my favorite things to do is to grill free range meats,fish and vegetables in flavored coconut oils. Nature's Approved Lemon and Garlic Coconut Oils are fantastic additions to all sorts of meals and preparation methods. I use their Lemon Flavored Coconut Oil to grill fish and vegetables. It adds a brightness to the cuisine and you may find yourself adding much less salt to the dish. Garlic Flavored Coconut Oil is delicious on meats and vegetables.

Garlic Flavored Coconut Oil is delicious in so many recipes.

Add a little flavored coconut oil in place of butter to your steamed vegetables as a healthier replacement.

Lemon Coconut Oil and Grilled Salmon are made for each other.

Garlic Coconut Oil is great on seared and grilled meats.

Adding Fish to Your Training Table
Fish such as salmon,tuna and mackerel add not only protein but healthy fat to the diet. Many bodybuilders keep cans or packets of salmon or tuna with them for after their weightlifting set. Pure, clean protein to go! If you are concerned about consuming too much mercury due to the levels often found in certain fish, I recommend Safe Catch Elite Tuna as it has the lowest amount of mercury of any brand. Really delicious Wild Albacore and Solid White Tuna Steak. One 3oz packet gives you a whopping 21 grams of clean protein. Contains most of the Omega 3 fatty acids inherent to wild tuna. Learn more at 

Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna

Superfood Supplemental Oils
These nutritional or supplemental oils round out the list for healthy fats. This is especially necessary if you are vegan and or do not consume fish in any great amount. I eat fish at least three times a week or more but also supplement with Carlson's Norwegian Fish Oil which has added vitamin D and Omega 3. It has a natural lemon flavor and is easy to digest. 1 teaspoon a day is all you need. Both the Fish Oil and MCT Oil remain liquid even when chilled. They can be added to smoothies and shakes. Available at

Carlson's Super D Omega 3 Oil