Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bells and Whistles - Safety Lights & Horns

All the Lights, Bells and Whistles to help keep you safe!
As we enter Marathon Season, many of us may be training before the sun comes up and even after it sets. While we are aware of the light restrictions, it does not keep us from running outdoors as opposed to using an indoor treadmill. Still there is a need to be both seen and heard while tripping the lights not so fantastic. I have a few suggestions for both runners, walkers and cyclists who want extra visibility and safety out there in the dark. Here is some new gear to consider this fall.

Vespertine NYC Vest
Vespertine Vests are made right in NYC and are extremely light and easy to incorporate with your current running gear. Folds into it's own little built in pouch so you can keep it with you in your bag. Easily fits over both fitness and outer-wear, i.e. bulkier coats and jackets. Gives you 360 degree reflectivity while walking, running or cycling. See them all at VespertineNYC.

Lights, Action!
Shoe Safety Clip Light - Power Spurs
Kick up and LIGHT UP your heels with these! These are very easy to use and clip securely to your running/walking or bicycle shoe heel. Choose steady green or flashing with just a press of a button.Weather resistant. I would not recommend these for use on leather running shoes as the little gripper could scratch the finish. Otherwise for most shoes these are a win. Cool runnings from

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 New York City Run 10 FEED 10 Recap

NYC's 2016 Run 10 FEED 10 at Hudson River Park on September 18th
Hudson River Park, NYC This year's "run down West Side Hwy" for hunger awareness was met with safety concerns due to bombs found at another charity race this weekend in Seaside Heights NJ and one which detonated in one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods, Chelsea. So security was high at Pier 84, Hudson River Park with a heavy police presence which made us all feel safer. In spite of terrorist threats however, the race now in its 5th year, had an amazing turn out.

I am going to let the photos/video tell the story but I want to thank my sponsors and team members again for their excellent training and race day support. Special thanks to Macy's for the custom screened commemorative race day shirts:

Women's Health Magazine for my VIP Invitation as Race Sponsor

Hoka One One - Footwear Sponsor

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems - Official Corporate Sponsor (Also a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels)


Interview with NYC Run 10 FEED 10 Race Emcee, Amber Browning-Coyle

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NEW Training Table Fuel Options

Some new ideas on fueling up!
Your Training Table could use a good shaking up especially if you have fallen into a nutritional rut. Here are a few new products I've been adding to my list of high power and protein foods for working out and post workout recovery:

Muuna Cottage Cheese + Fruit
Muuna Cottage Cheese gives you a serious 16 gms of protein per 5.3 oz cup. It is really delicious and a healthier change from highly sweetened "fruit on the bottom" yogurt. Pineapple, Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry are all served up with 2% milk fat cottage cheese with a creamy mouth feel and only 130 calories. A good source of calcium too. These single serves make it easy to grab and go or pack for your trip to the gym. Check them out at

Overnight Oats by Pantry Doctor