Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy National Parks Day!

National Parks Edition-Made in the USA Fits Socks are knitted with soft Merino Wool.

Monday, August 25th 2014 is the 98th anniversary of the institution of our National Park Service.

If you've not had the chance to get outdoors this summer, Monday could be your day. In celebration of 98 continuous years, the National Park Service is waiving fees to all 401 locations for the day. To date there are 59 protected areas known as national parks. These are in fact all under the National Park Service, an agency of the Department of the Interior and include our national monuments as well. 

The first national park was Yellowstone and was designated as such by Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. The Organic Act of 1916 officially endowed the National Park System to oversee this work and to "conserve the scenery the natural and historic objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations."

Tent Camping is a great way to enjoy our National Parks
Personally, I've had the pleasure of visiting the Florida Everglades via air boat which was a wonderful adventure. Seeing alligators, turtles, pelican and flamingos living in the wild is something I'll never forget. I've also camped overnight  in the Great Smokey Mountains which extends from North Carolina to Tennessee. I've likewise stayed outdoors at Hot Springs Arkansas National Park.

My Trangia CookSet and Primus Gas Burner
So whether you can make it to your nearest National Park on the 25th or not, see if you can make plans to enjoy these national treasures before the end of fall. It will enrich your appreciation of nature and wildlife and is one of the best ways I know to completely unplug and relax. I've done cabin camping for about a week at a time and I can't tell you how much it renewed my spirit and senses.
Hiking in one of our State Parks
If you plan to hike out, remember Merino Wool socks are amazing for keeping your feet warm and dry. I will be wearing FITS Light Hiker Rocky Mountain National Park Crew socks this season as we transition into fall. I like them for both the wool content and proper fit due to their Heel Lock and Dynamic Toe Cup. A perfect fit like this means less movement and therefore reduced chaffing of the foot area. Made in the USA, visit for more styles for both men and women.

To find out more about the National Parks in your area, visit the National Park Service Official Website at

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Polar Workout Buddies - Heart Rate, Time and Distance

Workout Buddies from Polar!
If you really want to step up your game, you need to make sure you're really in the zone. That is getting your heart rate up enough to burn fat. It's really important to chart your progress and continue challenging yourself. As an example, I keep a journal for my NordicTrack UltraLift sessions. I enter the day, weight lifted and number of reps. This keeps me on track so that I can adjust the weights/reps to get the best workout possible. It also helps to avoid the guesswork because certain lifts have to be done on a lower weight setting. So keeping tabs on your sessions helps to avoid injury and progress as your body adjusts to the workload.

Polar Trainer and Heart Rate Monitor
Just taking a first look at the Polar unit, there's a lot to like. First of all there is no monthly subscription fee or program needed to sign up for to use the system. Some will give you a 30 day free access and then you have to pay thereafter. Skip those.  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Organic Cleanse Delivered to Your Door - Chef V, NYC

Organic Green Drink delivered fresh to your door from Chef V, NYC.
If you are looking for a fall detox to restart your cross training program, you might like to try Chef V's Organic Green Drink and Soups delivered fresh to your door. As part of a whole detoxification program, specific directions are included for your cleanse. The pre-cleanse lists of foods to include and exclude are very helpful and should be adhered to 2 days before and 2 days after the actual cleanse. I found a lot of foods on the "Include" list are items I eat every day anyway so can easily plan my meals accordingly.

Thermal Delivery bag of everything you'll need for your cleanse.
Organic Cleanse to Your Door 
This chic thermal tote was delivered icy cold to my door very early at about 4:30am. This was followed up with a text message to my cell heralding its arrival. So my usual Friday morning run would have this bag of goodness waiting for me on my doorstep. It's like someone preparing my VitaMix juice for me plus a summer vegetable soup for lunch. Bliss!

Raw, cold packed organic goodies
Chef V's Organic Detox Soup de Jour 
I make similar summer vegetable purees myself in my VitaMix using organic vegetables grown on our NJ estate. So I'm rather spoiled from enjoying these sorts of delicious vegetable soups during the season. Her soup did not disappoint as it was every bit as good as my homemade version made with my own organic garden vegetables.

Organic and heirloom vegetables grown on my NJ estate.

Chef V adds her culinary expertise by adding organic herbs and spices. Her sumptuous signature soup contains:
Organic Zucchini, golden beets, garlic, sweet potato, onion, carrots, lemongrass, basil, ginger and spices.

Chef V's Detox Soup de Jour
Chef V's Ultra Shake
This raw food shake mix is included in the bag along with the cool shaker cup. The recommendation is to drink two of these protein shakes a day. The all organic shake mix contains sprouted brown rice, quinoa sprout and millet, amaranth, garbanzo bean, lentil, flax sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and chia seed sprout. Each shake will give you about 11 g of protein only 100 calories if mixed with cold water and ice. It's also delicious!
I have Garden of Life's Raw Protein Beyond Organic Protein Formula every morning and it is very close to Chef V's Ultra Shake formula. In fact the GOL formula even has a few more organic spouted grains included. 

Shake mix for three days.
Blender Bottle
The Wrap
This service could be a Godsend to someone who is gone all day and unable to prepare fresh, raw juices, shakes and soups. Really to benefit, it has to be an integral part of your lifestyle. I do eat clean and make raw juices and vegetable soups at home so this service is a luxury and treat not having to prepare these meals myself. I believe as such, you can do the cleanse as prescribed,(there's a LOT of water involved so you may need to stay near the bathroom) or simply work these foods into a clean eating program for the week. After a weekend on the cleanse, I had tons of energy Monday morning for an 8+ mile bicycle ride.
Also included in the weekly delivery are about three bags of Organic Detox Tea with dandelion root and other cleansing herbs.

There is also Chef V's Monthly Newsletter with tips and testimonials from subscribers and you can call or text your order to 858-397-5454 during the month of August with Promo Code:RAW for 50% off your $35.00 order. Delivery is FREE to California, NYC and Northern to Central New Jersey. Visit Chef V's blog at or for more information on her delivery services and cleansing foods.

Healthy Green Drink Doorstep Service from Chef V.