Wednesday, January 1, 2020

XTreme XTraining's Top 12 Super-Foods and Supplements for 2020

My A-List of top nutritious foods and supplements for the next decade.
2020 BABY! It's a new decade so here are some serious game-changers for your training table. Good food and meal planning go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle.  This will give you an edge and power to get the most from your daily workouts as well as recovery.  I also take a farm to table approach when planning meals.  We shop and cook what is in the garden, freezer or in season at the farmer's market. This way we get the most nutritious foods available in our area. As an example, here is my video-recipe for Sauteed Zucchini submitted to the Fresh Up Your Life Campaign:

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Health & Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas

Hot new products for the best workouts of 2020!

Christmas Gifts for the Fitness Feind on your list or yourself! Coming in on top are items you can take to the gym, take to get to the gym and use at home.  There are quite a few new products to help maximize your work-out so take a look!

Nike Free Women's Running Shoes:  I have the Nike Free Women's Free (RN) 5.0 because I like the lightweight mesh fabric and thinner, more flexible footbed for use on the treadmill. If you are running outdoors on hard pavements, I would recommend a thicker, more cushioned shoe like those made by Hoka One One.  Either running shoe will deliver a great, comfortable ride.

Nike Free RN 5.0

Pamu Slide Earbuds: These earphones are comparable to Airpod2 but in my opinion, fit better and stay powered up longer.  The sound quality is superior and they stay in my ears comfortably even during vigorous runs and jogs.  The case even doubles as a wireless cell phone charger.  Studies have found that listening to music while working out increases the time and duration of the exercise. Music can be a great motivator to keep going so earbuds like these are fantastic.

PaMu Slide

Hydration to Go: This new thermal GoFiltr water bottle does more than just allow you to rehydrate. You can choose various cartridges to supplement vitamin C, magnesium and other trace minerals as well as electrolytes on the fly. I have the larger 32oz bottle that came with two Alkaline Electrolyte Mg (magnesium) infuser cartridges which are good for 750 refills.  It has a wide-mouth twist-off cap and the double-walled vacuum bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours.

MPOWERD Luci Solar Bicycle Light is one of the best and brightest solar/USB rechargable bicycle lights I've seen. A powerful magnet allows you to separate the unit into a white headlight and red tail light. Attaches without tools using a rubber gusset. Power up using the top-sided solar panel or plug it into your laptop's USB port. Super bright at 100 Lumens, both the head and tail lights have 3 brightness settings and a flashing mode. Perfect for urban cyclists needed to see and be seen on the city streets.  Having bicycled on New York City's bike lanes, a light like this would come in handy as you can take it off the frame and put it in your pocket.  Taking it with you discourages theft.
So new that it is still a prototype under campaign at Indiegogo HERE.

Lucid Solar Bicycle Light

Self-Powered Manual Treadmill - Yes, these are really a thing!  I have one by Fitness Reality which allows me to choose three different percentages of incline levels as you become more fit. Manual treadmills like this give you a true, cardiovascular workout because YOU power it. Has an odometer, timer and calorie counter.  Folds up to conserve space when not in use.  Takes up less space than a Peloton and uses less energy too!

Fitness Reality Self-Powered Treadmill

A Folding Bicycle is a great idea for urban dwellers who want to cut down on Uber and taxi costs. There are many different models from companies like Tern, Brompton and the Schwinn Adapt.
These usually can be self-adjusted to fit a variety of leg and arm lengths so a professional shop fitting isn't necessary. Better still, once you reach your destination, fold it up and take it with you! I've even taken mine on a train and through NYC's Port Authority. 

A Folding Bicycle can be adjusted to fit many different sized riders.

So any of these gift ideas will help the recipient get the most out of their fitness routine in 2020 while using less electricity and lessening that carbon footprint.  Walking, running and bicycling are not only great forms of cardiovascular exercise but eco-friendly forms of transportation as well.  A win-win combination!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring Training: The Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor and 30 Days of Biking

YES! I signed up for 30 Days of Biking for the month of April. You can too so take the pledge!
NYC/Metro Area  Ah, spring is indeed in the air! I know because my sinuses are draining like crazy but not to be discouraged, I got on my bicycle for the first time this year. There was so much awe that it or I even moved as it's been bitterly cold of late. No matter. I got out there!  Surprisingly enough there were some things that were still functional after a long winter's deep freeze in the great North East.

Bicycle Electronics Check List:

Bicycle Headlight - My Cree 3K Lumen is a super bright rechargeable headlight and has a separate power source which is always disconnected when I finish riding. Bright as ever, it fired right up. A very good investment, I've had this light on my bicycle since 2013.
DiNotte Daytime Red Tail Light

Bicycle Tail Light - Once again, you get what you pay for. Behold The DiNotte Daytime Red. Although installed on my Terry Symmetry when I connected the light to the battery pack, BOOM, beautifully fired up lights. Rechargeable and extremely bright, it can be seen in broad daylight by over a mile. I've also had this light on one of my bikes sine 2013. 

Electric Horn - This extra loud, 105 decibel Megalert Megahorn Bicycle Horn uses one 9 volt battery...forever.  Another relic, I think I changed the battery twice since purchasing it back in 2011.  After a long deep freeze it still blew the doors off the bike garage! 

So having been pleasantly surprised at how well everything still worked, I only had one casualty. The Reflex Auto Tail Light was dead and new batteries couldn't revive it. The CatEye Commuter Wireless Bicycle Computer needed a new battery which I changed and so it is up an running again. Likewise the Planet Bike Blaze 45 battery powered headlight on the Terry Symmetry just needed a new battery. A very well made bicycle light, the PB still rocks. Not bad! After washing the frame, oiling the chain, polishing the saddle and cleaning the rims I was motivated to sign up for 30 Days of Biking this year for the month of April.  All the warmer days in March will be conditioning runs for the daily rides next month. Cycling is a fantastic way to ease your way back into condition after being somewhat sedentary over the winter. You don't have to ride long or far, just commit some portion of each day to a bicycle ride.  You can do this!  Go ahead, sign up and take the pledge to ride your bicycle everyday for the month of April here at 30 Days of Biking.  #30DaysofBiking!

My 30 Days of Biking ride equipemnt + a new cross training accessory

Spring Training with the Beat 20 ECG Heart Rate Monitor

This season I have the chance to try this new ECG Heart Rate Monitor to train with. Unlike other heart rate monitors (that I've attempted to use), this one is easy to set up and get working right out of the box. Comes fully charged with recharging ability via USB cable. It actually shows your real-time ECG wave as if you're in the doctor's office!  Pretty advanced.  Connects to your phone via Bluetooth and the sport app, it will store your training sessions which can be saved and uploaded elsewhere.

The Beat 20 sensor is waterproof, making it suitable for everything from sweaty weight lifting to swimming pool laps.  Also gives you: distance, speed, steps taken, cadence, data storage and analysis with a vibration warning when you are reaching your heart-rate threshold. Your personalized profile within the app shows YOUR maximum heart rate based on age and other individual factors. It can also be paired with your bicycle computer so you can have all that data in one place during your ride. This is a bit more complicated and you'll need to be sure that your bicycle electronics has either Bluetooth or ANT+ connection capabilities.  Perfect also for walking, running or weight lifting sessions at the gym. The chest strap itself is very comfortable and easily adjustable. Quite impressed so far with the Beat 20 and can't wait to start seriously training with it this spring.  Check it out at Shanren Tech

The Beat 20 ECG Heart Rate Monitor by Shanren Tech