Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gourmet Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Door

Veestro Vegan Empanadas with whole grain crust. Delicious!

If you can recall, last August I featured NYC Chef V's Organic Cleanse Delivered to Your Door. You can read that complete post HERE

Chef V's Squash Soup, Green Drink and Detox Teas

I really liked the squash soup she included as it really rounded out the cleanse into a more of a catered affair. It was great! My Green Drink Cleanse arrived early on Friday morning and so was ready to start the weekend. The "meals" or soups were prepackaged and there was enough food and Green Drink for about a week. As these are all unfrozen, you have to eat/drink them within 7 days.

Chef V's Green Drink delivered to my doorstep.

Veestro Organic, Vegan Gourmet Meals
After being spoiled by Chef V's "to my door" service, I began to organize my freezer in similar fashion and including some al la carte meals that are easy to heat and eat in a hurry. Some of my favorites are Tandoor Chef's Spinach Samosas and Tandoori Chicken, both based on Indian Cuisine. I also keep frozen 3-4 oz chicken breasts, salmon & fish fillets ready to grill. 

I was contacted by Veestro (Delicious Delivered) who does organic, non-GMO, preservative free vegetarian/vegan meals delivered to your door frozen. Freezing means you have a bit more leeway for storage time so you can plan for longer than just a week. Founders Mark and Monica employ a gourmet chef to make innovative and absolutely scrumptious internationally inspired entrees to please just about anyone's palate. Made with all natural ingredients and herbs, they heat quickly in the microwave or conventional oven.

Veestro natural meals & drinks arrived frozen to my door.
I've just started the 5 Day Challenge of vegan-ness but I have to say, this is pretty much how I already eat. While I do include some protein from animal sources such as eggs, cheese and fish, my diet is predominantly a plant based one. Right now I'm in training for the Rapha Women's 100 coming up on July 26th so I make my own fruit and veg smoothies, soups and green drinks in my VitaMix nearly every day. We have an organic garden so as the summer produce ripens, whatever is ready gets tossed into a sauce, juice or daily meal.

So far I've tried the Veestro Tomato and Lentil Soup which had little carrot pieces added. Very good and quite similar to my own Slow Cooker Tricolor Lentil Soup which is a big family favorite. I like that they include lentil and bean soups in the entrees.

The second meal that I tried was the Vegan Empanadas which were filled mostly with potato and peas. The whole grain crust was perfection! Very well balanced flavors without relying on a lot of salt. The third item I tried was the Quinoa Burger made with chick peas. I grilled it on my Griddler Deluxe for about 4 minutes and it was SO good. A little Sriracha Ketchup and it was off the charts delicious. Full of protein and fiber it was very filling and kept me full for hours. A great compliment to these natural, vegan meals is Outer Spice, low sodium herbal seasonings. Made with whole natural herbs and ingredients, these blends add dimension and flavor to your meals. The Spicy blend packs a bit of heat but not overly so. Really delicious!

Outer Spice Herbal Spice Blends

It's a warm summer week and I'm looking forward to NOT cooking but enjoying these healthy, delicious gourmet meals. See more entrees and menu options delivered to your door at Veestro.com

Veestro Vegan Empanadas

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