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Women's Health 2015 NYC Run 10 FEED 10 Recap

The 2015 Run10FEED10 race kicked off at Hudson River Park, NYC on September 20th
NYC, NY Now in its 4th year, Women's Health Magazine's sponsoring of the 2015 Run10FEED10 race in NYC had many new runners, both men and women, signing up from all over. I ran as an invited VIP Guest and got there well before sunrise as can be seen in the photo below. Yes, it was dark and the skies overcast.

Running for a Cause
This partnership between Women's Health Magazine and The FEED Projects (Lauren Bush Lauren's brainchild) allows these races to be hosted in major cities across the country. Each race provides meals for children of that particular community so my run purchased 10 meals for NYC's hungry children.
The race is for a very good cause indeed. We had a warm up exercise at the start line that got our blood pumping.

Pre-race warm up at the start line. I'm there in the middle of the crowd.
PHOTO: Courtesy of Women's Health.

Race Route: 44th Street to Tribeca
After our warm up and the singing of the National Anthem, the countdown began and the horn blew. We were off! We made a right onto West Side Hwy which was blocked off down to Tribeca for the race. 

Good Morning America Host Ginger Zee sending off us runners. PHOTO: Women's Health

Rising up in the distance we could see the Freedom Tower at 1 World Trade Center. Truly inspiring as we began to set into our paces.

There were water stations along the way downtown and once we hit the 3 mile mark at North Moore St. in Tribeca, it was time to make the loop back to the finish/start line as they were one in the same.

The Freedom Tower in the distance on the West Side Hwy.

 Coming back, we took the scenic route along the pathway of Hudson River Park which offered a delicious breeze off the river. Although the temps were in the low 70's we still appreciated a little cooling off. A 10K is 6.2 miles or a quarter marathon so it is done with pretty fast. The fastest times were around 43 minutes for the top placers but this is not a do or die event. Many participants were doing a combination of walking and running. I myself did and took full advantage of the watering stations and fountains along the way. Just taking it all in folks.

Us Runners Crossing the Finish Line! PHOTO: Women's Health 

The scenic loop was well thought out and since I have been training in earnest after the Flex It Pink Summer Soulmate Fun Run, I think this was an easier race for me. I wore my
Hoka One One Bondi 4's and was very comfortable. Definitely less is more as my clothing choice, (cycle wear actually!) kept me very cool. After I sprinted over the finish line, the board showed 492,832 meals served at that second. Just by signing up, each racers' registration fee purchased 10 meals for needy children. I have an additional goal of raising $1,000 more through Dr. Marie's Run 10 FEED 10 Challenge via Crowdrise so please contribute HERE.

After Race Festivities
The MC's Band were on hand to entertain us with lots of cool 80's covers. There were also booths for massages and other race swag provided by the event sponsors. The Geico Gecko was even there in costume!

The MC's on stage after the race.

Pier 84 at Hudson River Park. PHOTO: Women's Health
Hanging out after the race in the VIP Tent on the Hudson.

Run10FEED10 Race Wrap
While this race may only be in its 4th year, it has elements of a much more established event. First of all there was a 7 Minute Mile Pacer if you wanted to fall in with that group. The park itself was ultra clean with Porta Potties in close proximity to the start line. Security was excellent and New York's Finest, mostly on motorcycles, manned the route itself. While not as large (yet) as the More Fitness Women's Half Marathon I believe it offered more in the way of local community support. We ran for the city's children and that was a point not missed by the neighborhood.
I would definitely do this race again for that reason and the fact that is was super fun! Check out other Women's Health Magazine sponsored FEED Project races across the country HERE.

Woo hoo!  Me crossing the finish line with a personal best.

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