Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NEW Training Table Fuel Options

Some new ideas on fueling up!
Your Training Table could use a good shaking up especially if you have fallen into a nutritional rut. Here are a few new products I've been adding to my list of high power and protein foods for working out and post workout recovery:

Muuna Cottage Cheese + Fruit
Muuna Cottage Cheese gives you a serious 16 gms of protein per 5.3 oz cup. It is really delicious and a healthier change from highly sweetened "fruit on the bottom" yogurt. Pineapple, Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry are all served up with 2% milk fat cottage cheese with a creamy mouth feel and only 130 calories. A good source of calcium too. These single serves make it easy to grab and go or pack for your trip to the gym. Check them out at MUUNA.com

Overnight Oats by Pantry Doctor

Overnight Oats
Now certainly you could easily make this yourself with some high protein rolled oats and added dried fruits placed in a jar overnight. However, these Overnight Oats from Pantry Doctor are unique as each blend has a specific purpose. Among them are: Energy, Vitality and even Beauty! These have walnuts, cacao nibs (not really my favorites), chia seeds, acai powder, coconut, gogi berries, maca, pumpkin seeds and much more.
I prepare them by adding enough filtered water just to cover the oats and then milk to fill the jar the rest of the way. Leave it in the fridge overnight and in the morning you have something very tasty. Excellent for when you come home from a bike ride or run. Check them out and order Online HERE 

Pure Protein + Califia Farms Coconut - Almond Milk Blends
Pure Protein + Coconut - Almond Milk Shakes
This is the ultimate liquid protein BOMB! Pure Protein is 100% Whey Protein and comes in both Vanilla Cream & Rich Chocolate. You can amplify both the flavor and protein content by mixing it with a little Califia Farms Chocolate Coconut Almond Milk Blend or Toasted Coconut Almond Milk Blend. I add a scoop plus a few ice cubes and a splash of this vegan milk blend to a thermos and shake vigorously. Absolutely delicious with 25+ grams of protein when you add the Coconut Almond Milk. See Pure Protein Online  and Califia Farms Almond Milks Online

Organic Fuel High Protein Milk Shakes
Organic Fuel High Protein Milk Shakes
These portable shakes to go offer a whopping 26 grams of high quality protein per 11 fl ozs. Made with organic milk with no GMO's. Comes in Vanilla & Chocolate, I've even used it in my coffee and Overnight Oats in place of milk. Really both flavors are delicious and ready to go. 260 calories per bottle with 50 calories from fat. Visit Organicvalley.coop

Leap Raw & Organic Fruit & Vegetable Smoothie to Be
Leap Organic Fruit & Vegetable Smoothie to Be Powders
These little packets are stuffed with delicious, organic dried fruits and vegetables like kale, pineapple, banana, mango, pomegranate, beet juice, pumpkin seed and so much more. Each packet mixes easily in my smoothies whether or not I use my VitaMix. Surprisingly, no lumps but tastes delicious. Comes in Green Revive, Blue Zeal and Red Power. They really do add a nutritional punch to your smoothies! Order Online HERE

Add a packet of Green Revive to your favorite green drink or smoothie

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