Sunday, April 21, 2013

X-Training Diary: Park Ride, My Menu and Kit of the Day

Kit of the Day: Lazer Helium in Flash Flouro, XX2i France1 Eye Wear, Gore Bike Wear Countdown Lady AS Vest, Victoria Thermal Jersey and Spinnaker Capris by Terry.
RAPHA WOMEN'S 100, NJ: What a beautiful weekend! I started with a bit of cross-training on Saturday by doing some curls and chest presses on my Nordic Flex machine. Many cyclists neglect the upper arms but you do need a certain level of strength and tone for steering and quick handling.

Sunday morning started off right with a new multi grain cereal. Hodgson Mill Multigrain with milled flaxseed & soy.  It is a hot cereal and takes a little less time to cook than my Irish oatmeal.  It contains oats, wheat bran, milled flaxseed, soy grits, untoasted wheat germ and cracked whole wheat. It is SO delicious and is rich in Omega 3 oils due to the flaxseed. Complex carbohydrates like these were just what I needed for my training ride. Today, I went to my local park to avoid weekend street traffic.
My training buddy. Fully loaded Nishiki Sport Touring

A Ride in the Park
I find riding to my local park to be a cross-training adventure in itself. Once I arrived, there is a fitness trail that you can either hike or bike. It's about a 7 mile loop around the park and past meadows and marshy areas. 
The bright sunshine and blooming flowers and trees we amazing. I stayed on the main road and pulled into this bike rack here to stretch and take a few sips of water. I would have stayed longer but the wind and low temps were making it difficult to extend my training session.

My Menu for the Day
I was glad to have had the multi-grain cereal under my belt. I also had a cup of Rainbow Light's Chocolate Protein Energizer with a shot of coffee added to it. This gave me a bit more alertness and energy. I only did about 5 miles but after bucking the wind most of the time, I was a bit hungry when I got home.  Here is my menu for the day, not including dinner which will most likely be rotisserie chicken and mixed vegetables:
Chocolate milk is a great recovery drink. This is even better!

1 Cup Multi Grain Hot Cereal
1 tsp Butter + Canola oil
Splash of Milk

1 Cup Rainbow Light's Chocolate Protein Energizer

15 Small Shrimp fried in Coconut Oil
1 cup mixed organic spring greens
3 marinated mushrooms
1/2 fresh avocado
1 tsp lemon juice
1/3 cup ramen noodles 

I try to keep anti-inflammatory foods like avocado & shrimp high on my training table list.
Kit of the Day
It was only about 48 degrees when I went out just before noon. Add in the wind chill factor and it felt more like 42. I prefer it a little warmer if I can get it of course but it was dry and sunny so I took a chance.  Here is my "weekend kit" which has more visibility due to the flashy green Lazer Helium helmet and white vest. My jersey and knickers are mostly black so I wanted to be sure and stand out for those Sunday drivers.

This thermal kit is good for between 44-48 degrees.
Lazer Helium Lid in Flash Flouro Yellow and XX2i France1 Eye Wear.

Terry's Victoria Jersey had a mandarin collar and is soft brush lined. Terry's Spinnaker Tights have minimum padding as they are more suited for spinning class.
With the added Gore Bike Wear Vest, I was very comfortable despite the wind. That's due in part to the built in Windstopper fabric. You want to keep your core warm.

In the 40's, I prefer full fingered gloves. These soft, fitted Pittards by Pearl Izumi are perfect and I also have a fingerless pair.  That's how much I like them! So this kit offers adequate to good comfort for between 44-48 degrees outdoors.

Last but not least, I always wear my RoadID FIXX ID tags just in case of an emergency. These go on with every kit and I pray I'll never need them.

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