Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bike Month: CitiBike and GLC's Guilden Carry All

Right: GLC's Guilden Carry All designed for the Capitol Bike Share Program in Washington D.C.
Spring 2013 NYC Bike Share Program: One of the pure joys I have as a fitness author and blog editor is the opportunity to meet some real movers and shakers. I'm talking about people who walk the walk (or ride the ride) and are making a difference with innovative designs and ideas. Two intrepid entrepreneurs who fit this description are two former college roommates, Debra Zusin and Mariana R. Chambers of Give Love Cycle. They've designed both the small and large Guilden Carry All with cyclists like us in mind.

Guilden Carry All on my Nishiki (Blackburn Rear Rack)
This May, the NYC Bike Share (CitiBike) Program has finally launched after several stalls, projected starts and then delays. As someone who often travels into NYC for business and pleasure, I was quite excited about this program since the Bike Path is often my main transportation route around the city. 
Previously, I would bring my own alloy folding bicycle on the train. Problem is, carrying it up the stairs from the train platform (sometimes the escalator is not working) at Penn Station is a bit much, especially during rush hour.

Riding our Green Zone Foldy downtown at Chelsea Piers, NYC.
As for carry on luggage you can see in the photo above, the standard issue Trek Trunk most cyclists use. I'm not knocking this bag but it is not very comfortable (or stylish) to carry even though it comes with a shoulder strap. Taking it on and off the bicycle is also a bit of a pain. The Guilden Carry All secures easily by means of built in strap clips and loops. So two things which are made for each other can solve my NYC transportation issues: CitiBike + GLC's Guilden Carry All.

GLC's Guilden Carry All with reflective piping, is made to fit CitiBike Baskets
I really think this is a much better solution to getting around the city but it's made that much easier when you have the right "luggage" on board. The small Guilden Carry All was made to fit the CitiBike, bike share bicycles' front basket with ease. The reflective piping all around gives you extra visibility when the sun goes down. So it's a win-win situation. Roomy enough to accommodate your helmet, extra clothing and other items. One of my pet peeves is when people tell me they drove to the gym to take a spinning class. I'm thinking "Wow, what a waste!"  All of that gas, energy and time. How about just getting some exercise and fresh air while doing your errands or commuting to work? A bag like this would be a great gift for someone who has signed up for a bike share program or is thinking about commuting by bicycle. Really this bag fits on any rear rack or Dutchy style handle bars.

I'm hoping that the bike share program expands to many other cities but right now I am LOVING this bag on my own bicycle.  While it is ready for the CitiBike transfer, it also looks amazing on your arm. Now when I head into the city, my Guilden Carry All is ready for the trip!

GLC's Guilden Small Carry All in Bone

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