Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jump Rope Mix

Professionally crafted Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope has smooth ball bearings for extra quickness.

Sometimes we have to go back to our childhood to help super-charge our workouts.  In fact the best workout is that which does not feel like exercise but play.  Who doesn't remember skipping rope as a child?  I grew up in the city so there were always lots of other girls to turn rope for me.  Well unless you plan to enlist the neighbor's children or your own, getting a personal jump rope is a very good idea to mix up your routine.

Now what I'm talking about are the professional models with ball bearings that boxers and other athletes use.  These are not school yard toys but properly weighted and smooth turning ropes.  In fact the speed and precision you can get with these bad boys is far greater than anything you've played with as a kid.

Buddy Lee's Rope Master
Buddy Lee Aero Speed and Rope Master Jump Ropes His are the only jump ropes that are Olympic Licensed.  What sets them apart is the ball bearings in the handles that give you a phenomenally smooth turning speed.  Both models come with a little wrench to adjust the rope to your height.  This is important because to get up speed, you'll need to have a rope that is cut to your size to avoid too much slack.  That extra rope length will only slow you down.  Likewise a rope that is too short will have you in a hunched over position which not only looks bad but will make breathing harder.  Jumping rope is definitely an aerobic exercise so you will need air!

The Benefits
A 150 lbs person burns approximately 13 calories per min when jumping at a reasonably moderate pace of 120 RPM (revolutions per minute).   Pick up the pace and you'll burn even more and step up your metabolism for 48 hours after you stop.
It really is an excellent full body workout, engaging most every muscle in the body.
It helps develop speed, quickness, agility, balance, coordination, and since it is a weight bearing exercise BONE DENSITY!
Jumping rope offers both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning while toning and trimming the buttocks, abs and waistline.

Protect Your Knees
Jumping rope is considered a high impact aerobic exercise but it doesn't have to punish your joints.  Here are some tips:

1. Only jump just enough to clear the rope and keep your knees soft.

2. Try jumping on a cushioned surface by placing a yoga mat under you.

3. Make sure you have enough cushioning in your footwear.  Smartwool's running socks and Sperry Topsider running shoes are good and give you added grip on wet surfaces. Really any well padded, supportive aerobic shoe will work.

The trick is to change it up.  A jump rope is very easy to pack in your pocket or on your bike.  Try taking a walk, run or ride to your local park and while you are there do a minute or more of speed work with your jump rope.

Using a jump rope enlists different muscles not used in cycling and running.  It is an invigorating cardio workout and can add a little extra fun and spark to your old routine.  Visit US Olympian Buddy Lee's Website for his jump ropes and workout DVD's for more information.

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