Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Bike Commuter Essentials

Jackson Long Coat by Carve Designs is fully lined & made of 100% boiled wool.  Eye wear by Rudy Project.

Walk it.  Bike it. Love it! Get into it with XTreme XTraining's Fall Bike Commuter Essentials.  Here's our music video take on how to choose the proper gear and dress stylishly for cooler temps. Our motto is to get dressed once in the morning, put on your hiking shoes and or hop on your bike and be ready for anything the day brings.  Dressing in layers also assures extra warmth & comfort.  We chose these specific wool pieces because they allow for athletic movement and wicking of moisture.  New to XTreme XTraining this season is Ahnu Footwear with their Monte Vista Hiking Boots featured in Terry Bicycle's Fall 2011 Catalog. We are also excited about Carve Designs of California's "west coast represent" (now put your hands up), with key pieces for walking and/or cycling.  Of course we adore our rugged and beautiful COSA by Basil Baskets from the Netherlands.
Check out CatEye's NEW INOU GPS Video Camera that overlays your bike commute videos and still photos over a Google Map to share with other commuters via social networks.  It can also record road incidents and conditions to report or avoid for safer traveling. Consider fall your second spring and get out there!  Song: Time to Roll

INOU GPS Video Cam by CatEye


Actual footage shot with the CatEye INOU GPS Video Cam with handlebar mount!

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