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Celebrate Marathon Month With Your BEST Run: Tips for Success

Race Swag from Run10FEED10 

Some of the most elite of all races, the marathons are happening this November with the New York City Marathon kicking off on the 6th. Here is a list of all the other U.S. Marathons going on across the country: November Marathons

More/Shape Women's Half Marathon Tee & Finisher's Medal
So whether or not you've signed up for one of these full on marathons, you can still join in and share the spirit all runners enjoy in accomplishing a set goal. Maybe you are after a better PR? Perhaps even getting to the point that running is easier, almost effortless? Now is the time also to try a different protein powder to increase muscle efficiency. Whatever your goals, the journey should be fun and exciting!

The More Fitness Women's Half Marathon in Central Park

Racing Lessons Learned at Shorter Races
Last Year I ran the More Fitness Women's Half Marathon in Central Park in April which was a great way to "try my wings" before diving into a full on marathon. What I learned is to wear a running shoe 1/2 size LARGER to accommodate your feet swelling after all those miles. SO now I train in my true size but wear the larger running shoes the day of the race. A half marathon in general is a good way to test the waters to see if you are ready to run twice as long in a full marathon. This half marathon is two loops around Central Park so you are seeing the same scenery twice. It also has hills and inclines so you will be challenged! Lots of spirit at this race with volunteers and spectators cheering you on all along the way. See my recap of the More Fitness Women's Half Marathon HERE

The More Fitness Women's Half Marathon loops twice around Central Park

NYC Run10FEED10 Hosted by Women's Health Magazine & Macy's
This is another run that I did last year in September and attended this year's race as well. This is a charity run to raise Hunger Awareness for children at risk in this country as hosted by FEED Projects and Women's Health Magazine as well as Macy's. This 10k run down West Side Hwy in NYC offers you a fantastic view of the Freedom Tower and balmy breezes on the way back along the Hudson River Park path. 

The Freedom Tower in view from the West Side Hwy.

This 10K goes by pretty quickly and as it is a timed race, you need to finish within those limits. All the same it is one of my favorite runs, maybe because it is for such a good cause. I love the energy of the crowd as they really cheer you on! It's one big after-party with lots to do at Hudson River Park. See my recap of the NYC Run10FEED10 

Me and running buddy, Ginger Zee, host of  NBC's Good Morning America

Run Your Own
This is a great option for you to map your own race and run locally either alone or with a few friends/family members. While I LOVE my away races, by the time homey November rolls around, I'm thinking of Thanksgiving and spending time with my family. Besides, due to the holidays, travel can be a bit iffy at best. So last year and again this year, I have scheduled another Run Your Own Race for FEED Projects

My "Run Your Own" local route.

Simply register online as you would for the location races but choose the Run Your Own option. This year you have the choice to do a 5K or a 10K run which is helpful if you are already hitting colder or inclement weather. Last year I did my local 5K Trail twice for a 10K run. This year I am doing a 5K! You have a range of time to complete your run from now until November 29th, 2016. You will receive a LTD Edition FEED Pouch with your online registration which will be shipped to you. Get more details and/or signup HERE.

Get a Run10FEED10 LTD Edition Pouch with your race registration.
Some new supplements I'm sort of loving for Marathon Month as I train for my Run On Your Own RUN10FEED10 Race include these new ones from Carlson Labs. Better known for their Cod Liver Oil, I've purchased their products for years. So I was pretty excited to see that they added a few new additions to their line: 

New supplements from Carlson Lab

  • Women's Omega Multi is a Multiple with Fish Oil, (kills two birds with one stone).
  • MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • Vitamin C Gummies 125 mg

Also for sore muscles and tendons after the race, I'm taking advantage of Tart Cherry Juice and Tart Cherry Juice Extract. Definitely consider adding these two to your training table because "Life is just a bowl of cherries..."

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice & Carlson Tart Cherry Extract

So whatever race venue you choose, there's no need to feel left out during Marathon Season. Your best run of the year may yet be ahead of you. 

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