Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bells and Whistles - Safety Lights & Horns

All the Lights, Bells and Whistles to help keep you safe!
As we enter Marathon Season, many of us may be training before the sun comes up and even after it sets. While we are aware of the light restrictions, it does not keep us from running outdoors as opposed to using an indoor treadmill. Still there is a need to be both seen and heard while tripping the lights not so fantastic. I have a few suggestions for both runners, walkers and cyclists who want extra visibility and safety out there in the dark. Here is some new gear to consider this fall.

Vespertine NYC Vest
Vespertine Vests are made right in NYC and are extremely light and easy to incorporate with your current running gear. Folds into it's own little built in pouch so you can keep it with you in your bag. Easily fits over both fitness and outer-wear, i.e. bulkier coats and jackets. Gives you 360 degree reflectivity while walking, running or cycling. See them all at VespertineNYC.

Lights, Action!
Shoe Safety Clip Light - Power Spurs
Kick up and LIGHT UP your heels with these! These are very easy to use and clip securely to your running/walking or bicycle shoe heel. Choose steady green or flashing with just a press of a button.Weather resistant. I would not recommend these for use on leather running shoes as the little gripper could scratch the finish. Otherwise for most shoes these are a win. Cool runnings from

RunLites Gloves
These very cool gloves are designed for use with all RunLites Rechargeable LED Light Units. The little lights fit inside the velcro enclosed pouch on the topside of the glove. Very easy to press, they emit a very steady, bright four beam light. Enough illumination for a early morning run on a dark park trail or country road. Gloves and LED Lights which are extremely light, are sold separately. Genius! Visit to see all the glove styles.

RunLites Half Finger Gloves

PowerArmz LED Safety Band
This is an adjustable armband that comes with a velcro strap so it takes some putting together. As shown below, you get a good long, bright LED amber bar which offers wider angle visibility. Settings are: continuous and flash. Weather/sweat proof, you get 70 hours run time on steady and 100 hours on flashing. Can also be used on your pet's collar! New from 

Flash those biceps!

Flashing Reflective Armbands - Multi Color
I really like these and have worn them often. They have a setting for a steady light and two speeds on flashing. They come in florescent colors and are very simple to use. Just press the little square control box and go. Velcro light and strap are all in one piece so nothing to assemble. What's even better is you get TWO. See them on Amazon

Flashing Reflective Arm Bands come in several colors.

Personal Safety-Horns and Sirens
Now while many of us may not want to face it, we need to have our head on a swivel when running at night or in low lit areas. Even if you do not live in a high crime area, you still could be accosted by startled wildlife or a pet who's gotten off the leash. What do you do then? When I am on my bicycle, I have a horn or bell on board. If I am running, I want to have a few similar items available as well. Here are my top picks for personal safety.

Ginger Zee,Chief Meteorologist for ABC starting our race with a Sport & Safety Horn. PHOTO courtesy of Women's Health Magazine

Sabre Sport and Safety Horn
Yes, for those of us who like to blow our own horn! This Sport and Safety Horn by Sabre is very small and fits in your hand or pocket for easy access. Can be used at sports events as you can see Ginger Zee starting the NYC Run10 FEED10 Race with a blast. Also great at sports events and as an outdoor safety/signaling device. If you are into boating you will have one of these stowed. The Sabre lets out a 112 dB air blast, making it perfect for personal safety alerts and scaring away unwanted pests. See it at

Blow your own horn!

Runner Personal Alarm and Personal Alarm
These two devices remind me of pulling the pin on a hand grenade. Kaboom! The Runner Personal Alarm fits on your wrist and pulling the pin lets out a 130 dB alarm which can be heard up to 1,000 feet away. At that level, whatever is attacking you will be quickly exiting just from the noise!

The Personal Alarm is smaller and can clip on your key-chain. Pull the pin for a respectable 110 dB Siren audible up to 300 feet. I think the simple"pin pull" activation feature is less fool proof than trying to press a button or switch. Alarm will only stop once the pin is replaced inside the unit. Hardcore. Both Alarms are available from Sabre or look for them in the Sporting Goods/Hunting Section of most retail stores.

Sabre Safety Horn and Personal Alarms.
All of these items are relatively inexpensive but can make a real difference in your visibility and personal safety while running, walking or cycling after dark and before dawn. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

Safety equipment c/o the respective manufacturers included herewith. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link from which I receive a small commission from if purchased from. All opinions and critiques are however all my own.

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