Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's in My Bike Bag?

Summer freshness: New for Women Adidas Body Sprays
May is Bike Month and a great time to kick off a summer of cycling and bike commuting. Even if you want to use your bicycle for short fitness rides or errands, you don't want body odor to precede your arrival! Odor causing bacteria needs only three things to grow on the skin: heat, moisture and darkness. So those humid summer days which are well on the way are going to present a challenge to keeping your cool.

New Adidas Body Sprays for Women
Natural Vitality, Fruity Rhythm and Pure Lightness are a new line of women's body sprays from Adidas. The guys are known for all that Axe stuff, well us women now have a light body spray all our own. Of the three, I like the Pure Lightness the best but all go on dry and light. No wet, sticky feeling. It's body fragrance for those of us who really sweat! See more at Adidas.com/Bodycare

What's in My Bike Bag?
You can also always take along Baby Wipes for the ride or Fresh Bath towelettes which are like having a full sized plush washcloth on board. I use these for camping and backpacking so I know how effective they are. Also you'll want to take along some Whish Deodorant Swipes for use after your Fresh Bath. Swipes are really tiny and you can pack a few in your jersey pocket for use at a restroom stop. They combine freshening and long lasting deodorant in one.

More Ride Essentials:

Minimergency Kit

All Good Coconut Sunstick


Probar Fuel

Visine Eye Drops

If you notice, most of these items are really tiny and can easily tag along in your bicycle bag or jersey pouch. Either way, you'll want to keep a few of these fresh ideas on hand to avoid sticky (smelly) situations this summer!

A fully outfitted Medical Kit and Secret Clinical Strength deodorant for serious rides.

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