Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wrapping Up Bike Month with E-Bikes

Some of the E-bikes I got to ride at Charged Up 2014!
I just wanted to highlight what a wonderful time we had at Interbike & Outdoor Retailer's Charged Up Media Event. This was very different from the usual "trade show" atmosphere because the participating companies were all outdoors, allowing us journalists hands on experience with E-bikes.

Really for many of us, this was our first time riding a powered or pedal-assisted bicycle. All the same the event hosts were amazing and we felt comfortable enough to try most everyone there. You should have seen all the smiling-happy faces! I also got to meet People for Bikes President, Tim Blumenthal. XTreme XTraining has supported PFB since they practically began. It really was a super event and gave me a LOT more insight on what the E-Bike movement is all about. What a HOOT!!! Here's the full scoop as published at Best Picks Magazine which is also linked to my Lucky Contributor page. Read Charged Up Cycle Chic HERE.

Charged Up was sponsored by Outdoor Retailer, Interbike and People for Bikes

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