Friday, April 11, 2014

XTreme XTraining's Top Spring Fitness Finds

Some new gear to help you get your game on this spring!
Warmer weather is finally here so if you are a weekend warrior, here are a few new items you might want to add to your fitness arsenal. Now is the time for an upgrade so that you can get the most from your workout.
Here are a few of my favorite fitness finds for spring training this year:

Gripad Cancer Awareness Edition
Whether you use a weight machine or free weights, grip is everything. I've been using fingerless cycling gloves for years but finally got fed up with the lack of control I had on the lat bar.

Gripads alleviate that by providing a firm but flexibly padded bar grip. Slide in just three fingers with your thumb and pinky free. Excellent grip with just the right amount of cushioning from

Enduracool Towel & Eco Vessel
These two cool characters will help you chill out in a hurry:

Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel is made with special polymers which cools the towel down from 95-59 degrees in one snap. Reusable and easy to pack in your gym bag it also has a UPF of 45. Check it out at

Eco Vessel is a stainless steel triple insulated water bottle which keeps water cold for up to an amazing 36 hours. Good idea since drinking ice cold water increases your metabolism by up to 30%. With two removable inner straws, it allows you to drink comfortably without tilting. Great non-slip powder finish and cool colors. Eco Vessel donates a portion of each sale to Water for People. Visit

Enso Muscle Roller & Zim's Max Freeze
In the pain relief zone, I'm really liking the Enso Muscle Roller right now. After just one use I got almost immediate relief in my glutes and quads. You'll spend more days on the road and less recovering with the Enso Muscle Roller. 

Zim's Max Freeze Spray gets to those hard to reach spots often missed by creams and lotions. It has a quick vanishing scent so no one need know you're hurting! Made with arnica, tea tree and aloe, it's incredible for tense muscles and sore joints. Visit Zim's Online

Fits Sock Co. - Merino Wool Done Right
These ultra comfy, breathable wool blend socks are made right here in the USA. Fits have a Dynamic Toe Cup, Heel Lock and Full Contact Cuff for a custom fit (they also come in 5 sizes).

Just the right amount of cushioning and absorption, these socks stay put during running, walking or hiking. Very soft with no chaffing! Check them out at

Time to Refuel
The Athlete's Cookbook by Corey Irwin and Brett Stewart (Ulysses Press) offers deliciously healthy menus such as: Mussels Marinara for increased glycogen. Walnut-Parmesan Chicken for maximum protien and Peanut Butter Crunch Bars for healthy fats.
This book also offers a meal timing schedule and lots of recipes with a twist on flavor and ingredients such as Red Beans and Black Rice. This substitutes the usual brown rice with a Chinese black rice which is very rich in antioxidants. Another favorite of mine is the Hot Quinoa Cereal which is a powerhouse of nutrition and protein. Available at & other top book sellers.

Pro Bar Selections - My favorites from this line of delicious energy wonders are the Meal and Fuel Bars. Made with natural ingredients and sweeteners (organic date paste is used a lot), the Fuel Bar offers a full serving of fruit per bar. Their Meal Bar is just that, made with real whole foods and raw ingredients like grains, fruits, seeds and fiber. These offer 10 grams of protein while their Core Bar has a whopping 20 grams. Absolutely delicious and very easy to digest on the road. See more varieties at 

Corazonas Snack Bars - These are SO good and made with heart healthy oatmeal giving each at least 15 grams of whole grains, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per bar. Oatmeal has been found to lower cholesterol so these are a no-brainer to include as par of a heart healthy diet. Corazonas means "hearts" in Spanish so these are appropriately named! My favorite flavors? The Banana Walnut for sure. See more delicious varieties at

FitTea offers a pretty painless 14 Day Detox in loose tea form. One teaspoon steeped in hot water per day and you're good. Contains organic green tea, Oolong Wu Yi, organic Rooibos, ginger and pomegranate.
Can be enjoyed hot or cold and taken every morning before a workout. It's really delicious and needs no sweetening as it has honey powder and Stevia added to the mix. See more at

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