Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NEW CatEye Padrone Bicycle Computer

CatEye Padrone Bicycle Computer
May is Bicycle Month! Simplicity is the order of the day when it comes to bicycle computers. I can't tell you how many bicycle computers I've used, (or tried to), that were so complicated, I could barely find the mileage. CatEye does it right with an improvement on it's Urban Wireless bicycle computer. The Padrone is thinner than it's predecessor, but offers a larger, cleaner screen display.

Comparison with the Urban Wireless
CatEye's Urban Wireless is one of my favorite bicycle computers so I was really excited to see this upgrade based on the simple installation and operation of the original unit. As you can see below, the Urban Wireless has a large long bar to click through the displays. The difference is that the Padrone's whole display is clicked in the bracket similar to the Strada. Just like the Urban Wireless, the Padrone was super fast to install but offers a sleeker profile and larger numbers on display which are SO much easier to read at a glance. Just like the Urban Wireless, however, the key essentials are there for everything from a bike commute to the mountain bike trail.

CatEye Urban Wireless on a Schwinn
Responding to Customer Requests
The Padrone came about in response to customer requests for a quick & easy install with a larger numerical display and access to stats. I have to say the Padrone nailed it on both fronts and has become one of my favorite cycling computers.  Below are the specs for the new Padrone. See what else is new this spring at CatEye.com
Padrone Specs
Current speed: 0.0(4.0)~99.9km/h [0.0(3.0) - 65.9 mph]
Total distance: 0.0~99999.9km [mile]
Trip distance: 0.00~9999.99km [mile]
Elapsed time: 0:00'00"~99:59'59"
Average speed: 0.0(4.0)~99.9km/h [0.0 - 65.9 mph]
Maximum speed: 0.0(4.0)~99.9km/h [0.0(3.0) - 65.9 mph]
Wireless transmission: Speed [analog sensor]
Clock: 0:00'~23:59' [1:00'~12:59']
Auto power saving: Yes
Auto mode: Yes
Tire size: 100mm~3999mm (default:2096mm)
Battery: Computer : CR2032 X1 Sensor:CR2032 X1
Battery life: Computer:approx 1 year (1hr use per day)Sensor:approx 10,000 km [6,250 miles] in total distance
Dimension: 67.5 X 43.0 X 14.5mm
Weight: 31.5 grams

Padrone on my foldy. Perfect.

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