Thursday, May 1, 2014

Who Keeps You Healthy? Fitness Compansionship

Having a workout buddy to try new things with is key!
So Who Keeps YOU Healthy? This was a question asked of me by an editor friend from The American Recall Center doing an initiative the subject.  Living in a rural setting in central NJ, I have many recreational opportunities: cycling, kayaking, skating, skiing, running, etc. Many times I venture out alone because I'm not in close proximity to neighbors who share my same interests. People admire a fit and trim woman on the road but don't often want to join her in the endeavor! 

My Fitness Buddies
So over the years, I've enlisted the companionship of my children when I wanted to try a new exercise or activity. Our youngest, Magda is my longest running fitness buddy as we have taken ice skating lessons together and participated in charity bike rides over the years. Magda is ALWAYS up for a good time and now she and her older sister to work out via her iPod Apps and targeted programs. Both my daughters ride bicycles and many times we will all head out together for a picnic, the store or to ride the trails at our local park.

Panniers can pack a great picnic lunch at our local park!
Making Fitness Fun
Whether we go skating or cycling, I try to make it a fun experience by packing healthy goodies for the ride. None of us has ever "bonked" on a hill as a result and we always laugh along the way. The thing is not to take yourself too seriously.  Your fitness companion will want to join you again because they had a great time, not a miserable one.

So I have to say that I'm very thankful for my fitness companions over the years.  They are no less important because they are "just family".  On the contrary, this has been one way to spend quality time with my children while instilling healthy eating & exercise habits in them.  It's a win-win situation and we are all reaping the benefits.

About This Article: The "Who Keeps You Healthy" campaign is an effort by the American Recall Center to recognize and give thanks to those in our lives who motivate us to be healthy! This month their featured topic has been on hip replacement awareness, you can read more about it here.

Magda  riding the NY Bike Path down to Chelsea.
Magda and I have been invited to attend Interbike & Outdoor Retailer's Charged Up Media Event at Crystal Springs Spa & Resort this month. See the Charged Up Banner at the top of the page!

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