Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain Solutions

Lazer's NEW CITYZEN Cycling Helmet is cloth covered but waterproof & ExOfficio's Rain Logic Jacket

One of the most constant things about weather is change!  We predicted a very rainy spring and were right.  Now we're moving into fall with similar expectations.  Rainy weather can often sideline your outdoor workout plans but this needn't be the case.

Gore Bike Wear's Signature Cycle Cap & Lazer's CITYZEN
Invest in a few essential pieces and you can walk, run or even ride in the rain with the utmost comfort.  Start with your head and get this sporty GORE BIKE WEAR Signature Cycling Cap.  It's made of breatheable fabric so you won't sweat but it repels rain like a duck.  This cap can fit under a vented helmet and has road reflective stripping.  Likewise this new CITYZEN Cycle Helmet from Lazer in the lead photo does not have large vents so is perfect for rainy, cooler weather.  Skateboarding or inline skating?  Yeah, that too.

ExOfficio's Rain Logic Jacket
ExOfficio's Rain Logic Jacket with hood & pit zips
Smartwool's Zip-T Baselayer
The next thing you should have is a well made hooded rain jacket.  We especially like ExOfficio's Rain Logic for its sealed zippers, armpit zips and hand/security zippered pockets.  The Rain Logic shell is so well thought out from it's quick drying, moisture wicking membrane to how the adjustable hood forms a little visor in case you forgot your cap.  Very lightweight and packable, it is easy to stow along for trips and days out.  You can extend the seasons by adding baselayers under it such as those made by Smartwool for extra warmth, water resistance and wicking.  Has a 1.5 inch tail drop to help keep you dry and covered which is really key especially if you're on a bike.  It really handles the rain for you so you can stay focused on what you're out there doing.

Sperry Topsiders SB-1070 Performance Shoes 
If you're even thinking about running in the rain, you'll need to have the right footwear for the job.  I've worn these athletic shoes off the blustery coast of Maine during a whale watching expedition.  Even with ocean water making the decks extremely slippery, these shoes held their grip.  That's because Sperry is known the world over for making some of the best boating shoes available.  Still these are incredibly supportive running shoes, especially effective on slippery, wet pavements and paths.  Here are some of the SB-1070 features:

Sperry Topsiders - SB1070 Athletic Shoes
  • Low Water Absorption Materials are Quick Drying

  • Dual-Density Compression Molded EVA Midsole Offers Shock Absorbtion & Stability

  • AEGIS™ Microbe Shield Protects Against Bacteria that Cause Odor

  • Removable Full-Length Molded Footbed Offers All Day, Underfoot Comfort

  • HRC® Forefoot Cushioning Through EVA Compound Provides Additional Cushioning

  • GRID® Patented Technology Provides Superior Cushioning and Stability

  • Arch Lock Offers Increased Stability and Arch Support

  • New Hydro-Grip™ Rubber Traction Compound is the Ultimate Performance Traction Outsole Compound

  • Non-marking Rubber Outsole with Quadro-Grip Wave-Siping™ for Ultimate Dry / Wet Traction & Added Stability

  • Rain or shine, know your conditions!  Keep track with changes in the weather by taking along a Kestrel Weather Tracker


    1. The jacket and helmet look fantastic on you!

    2. Thank you so much! You know when you look good you feel more like getting out there. That's what we're about.

      Dr. M