Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fashion Week Cycle Chic

Terry's Cadence Dress is cycle wear disguised as chic street wear.  Our Fashion Week pick for Fall 2011.

NEW YORK, N.Y. - It's Fashion Week! You can walk the New York City Greenway or ride the Bike Path to catch up on fall fashions now and previews of Spring 2012.  Speaking of  walking and bicycling, who says active wear can't be stylish?  Pfffft!  Whether you use your feet or bike for exercise, transportation, recreation or a little of each, look fabulous at your destination and be ready for anything.  Arrive in style in Terry's Cadence Dress, (lead photo), with its zip pocket in the back and handy front pockets.  3/4 sleeved in a non-bulky wool blend gives you extra comfort. Adjustable side ruching for more even more mobility on the bike or for walking.  Want more style ideas?  Soho based fashion designer, Phillip Lim's  (3.1 Phillip Lim) latest film Girls on Bikes shows off his Fall 2011 line here:

Want to totally pull off a city wise bike chic vibe?  Check this out: Lazer's new CityZen bike helmets are great for urban cycling.  Covered in cloth and vented, these new fall lids are water resistant and good for colder temps.  The sporty visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and there is a twist knob to adjust the helmet while it's in place on your head.  See even more helmet styles for skateboarding, skating and cycling at Lazer Sports online.
Terry's Southside Capris in black check
Southside Capris & Demi Turtles
Demi Turtles by Rudy Project

ExOfficio's Chica Cool Hoodie in Heather- perfect for walking or riding

Pair the Cadence with Terry's Spinnaker Tights or her Mesh Liner underneath and you're 5th Avenue ready.  In fact Terry's Mesh Liner can turn nearly any dress or pants into cycle wear. Her cycle tights have Terry's signature chamois built in but no one will ever know.  Tights are this fall's fashion must-have.  Why not get a pair that can do double duty for your bike commute but look good enough for lunch later?  Throw on some of these seamless Smartwool Kilim Tapestry Merino Wool Socks and black leather Chuck Taylors for an edgy but totally pulled together look.
Carve Design's Blake Wrap Dress in Reef

The Pouch by Linus Bikes

Smartwool Merino Wool Socks
Moxie Scarf by Carve Designs

New for Fall 2011, The Comfort Bike by Italian fashion Designer Ottavio Missoni for Target

Forrest Handlebar Bag by Basil (NL)  This waterproof cycle bag works both on and off the bike.  Has an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and attaches to the front handlebars.  It securely locks into place and has a quick release lever.  Inside it has plenty of room and a zippered pouch.  Even has a detachable map cover for touring Midtown.  This is perfect for times you don't need all the room that panniers provide.  The Forrest is more like a covered, waterproof  front bike basket.  Unless you are a professional bike messenger, ditch the messenger bags.  They can shift, distract and interfere with your ride.  Slinging your handbag over your handlebars is also dangerous and can land you a ticket in NYC.  If you commute by bike or use it for local errands, you'll really appreciate not having to worry about shifting cargo.  The fact that you can easily take the Forrest Bag with you on a bike makes it so much more than a fashion accessory.  Work it!  

The Pouch by Linus Bikes is perfect for your keys, wallet, Park Tools and cell plus a little more.  Waxed canvas, oiled leather straps and brass snaps makes this a classic little bag.  Hang it on your handlebars or back of your "Brooks" saddle.  Either way, it looks great and gives enough storage for a local jaunt.  Available in Cream from the Terry Precision Cycling Catalog.

COSA Basket: Shop with THIS!  Do some serious marketing with this beautiful COSA Rear Rack Mesh Basket.  Clips on to nearly any rack and folds down to keep your goods from flying out.  Soft touch handles and feet allow you to save a bag by taking it with you into the store.  I added a Danger Zone Tail Light and it's totally velo-licious now.  By Basil
Basil's COSA securely clips on my Blackburn Rack

Forrest Handlebar Bag on Green Zone's Folding Bike
The Pouch on the back of my Nishiki

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