Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Inline for Skating!

Inline skating outdoors or indoors makes a great year round workout.  Skates by K-2

One of things I enjoy most about cross training is the opportunity to switch things up a bit.  I especially like activities that can be done indoors when the weather is too cold or rainy then switched outside when the sun is shining.  Another perk for inline skating is that they can easily be packed in a skate bag and taken on vacation, to an outdoor hockey rink or park.  I have different skates for different activities as well.  My K-2 FREEQ Women's Inline Skates shown in the photo above are primarily made for athletic use and speed but I changed the wheels to ones with more of a rockered configuration.  That allows me speed but also the ability to do more turns and footwork which brings me to my next style of skates.

Using Pic Skates for ice skating moves

1980's - Inline Skating Emerges
Many remember the white booted quad or four wheeled skates of our youth and roller derby fameThey still make them but inline skates, namely Rollerblades were first invented for hockey players wishing to get in some off ice practice.  I have one of the first pairs of Rollerblades made and they look just like hockey boots. At the time, I don't think they knew it would become a whole new sport with street,  vert and half pipe competitions emerging in later years.

Figure skaters wanted the same thing.  The ability to practice on any smooth surface without the need for ice is very appealing and so John Petell in collaboration with Nick Perna came up with the concept and design which was patented in 1997 as Pic Skates.
The Pic® Skate invention has led to the new sport of Inline Figure Skating with open competitions in Paris, Montpellier, and Chicago.
The frame of the Pic Skate is rockered or slightly curved to give you more agility for spins, footwork and turns.  The large rubber "Pic" at the toe allows for a stable platform to launch jumps similar to how you would use a toe pick on an ice skate.  I have both Graf Dance and competition style ice skates and can tell you the similarity between Pic Skates and high quality ice skates is uncanny.

Pic Skates
The Profession Model of Pic Skates that I use

Inside or Out?
Flexibility in your choice of workout spaces is going to go a long way during the cooler, inclimate months ahead.  Skating indoors is such a treat for me during those time!  The music and lights offer a "club" atmosphere but also takes your mind off of the fact that you're pushing yourself.

I've also performed in several skating shows and productions with Pic Skates.  I've even taught artistic inline skating classes with them outdoors at my local county park.  The choice is yours.  Bring your iPod to the park, turn it up and dance on your skates. Take them to an indoor roller rink and ask the DJ to play something by Katy Perry to get you pumped.  Either way, inline skating is a fantastic way to get fit and stay in shape all year long.  It is exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.  It's just fun!
Pic Skates were developed for artistic skaters like these from the Ice Theatre of New York. PHOTO: Moira North and ITNY Troop's Gala Performance


  1. Wow wonderful to see this Pic states..Its very nice..You also get good things in inline skates...........

  2. Hi Paul,

    Yes, you can do pretty amazing cross training on Pic Skates. When we can't get to the rink, we break out our inline skates and go to the park. Skating on different terrains makes us better skaters!

    Thanks for your link and stopping by.

    Dr. M