Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Survival Kit

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There are just a few essentials every athlete needs to survive the summer, even when on vacation. The heat and humidity has its own challenges but you can pack a few items in your gym tote or backpack to make sure you stay ahead of the game.  Starting with sun protection:  

Mission Skincare's Organic Strawberry Lip Balmer
A la Olympic Medalist - Amanda Beard this lip treatment offers a SPF of 15.  Keep one of these on hand and reapply especially after swimming.  The flavor is delicious so you'll have no excuse not to use it.
Rudy Project Ability Sunglasses in Raspberry / Multilaser Red Lenses

We now know that excessive exposure to UV rays can damage our eyes leading to cataracts.  Rudy Project makes a full line of athletic sunglasses for cycling, running and much, much more.  The Ability model is woman specific with a great wrap around design but fitted for a smaller head size.  Fit is important and you'll find out your Ray Bans won't cut it leaning over your Aero Bars or jogging uphill.  Regular sunglasses are just too heavy and bounce around when you trying to be active.  Not these and with the wrap around lens, they thwart rain, (rolls right off), road glare and debris with ease.

Spray On Sunblock

You'll want at least a SPF of 30 and the ease of a spray means I can spritz and go.  Avon's Skin So Soft or the CVS Pharmacy knock-off, Soft Skin Spray are perfect.  This type also offers a bit of moisture (something we all need), and has mild insect repellant properties.  I believe in combining as many tasks as possible so this type of sunblock works for me.

Trek's Trunk detaches & has a carry strap
Medical / First-Aid Kit

These are important to keep in the car or on your bike in case of a situation on the road.  You could easily go down with your bike, miles away from home and help.  I keep an Adventure Medical Kit in my rear trunk for just such emergencies.  You can also make your own and include:

Adhesive bandages
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Sterile Gauze
Baby Wipes
Aspirin (can be crushed in H2O & applied to stings & bruises)

The idea is to have some emergency care items on board so you can get home.  For longer trips or tours, I carry a full on Medical / Survival Kit that not only has a very inclusive first aid kit but has equipment for on the road repairs of your gear and items to help you weather an unexpected night out.  Just like the Boy Scouts, be prepared.

Topricin and Mission Athlete Care take the pain out of your summer workouts.

Pain Relief

One thing that doesn't seem to let up even during summer sessions is sore muscles and joints.  Making things worse, lactic acid build up is even worse because after a sweaty workout, you may find yourself dehydrated.  When that happens expect the night time Charlie Horse or cramp to visitInflammation is an athlete's worse enemy so using a product that regularly combats this will help tremendously.

Topricin Topical Pain Cream: Based on a Homeopathic formula and including anti bruise botanicals such as Arnica, Topricin belongs in every locker room and sag wagon. Odorless and oil free, Topricin disappears into your skin, providing relief from stiff joints, pulled muscles and bruises.  You can also use it before your workout to avoid muscle strain and pain ahead of time.  Used along with Topricin's Healthy Joint Function supplements, you'll find a unique synergy between the two products.

Mission Athlete Care Maximum Strength Muscle Rub and Foot Rehab Cream are both amazing for acute and severe muscle pain as well as sore feetFormulated with a plethora of botanicals and nutrients, it helps you relax shortly after application.  It has a vanishing scent which is good and the Maximum Strength Muscle Rub rolls on which helps to eliminate waste. 

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