Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NYC Bike Path Video Preview: Bike Chic

 Intro to our New York City Bike Path Video - August 2011 release scheduled.

Lumpkin Cycle Works One Off Faux Alligator Panniers
While shooting on location this summer, we noticed some very slick bicycles and accessories on the New York City Bike Path.  We road from Penn Station down the 9th Avenue Bike Lane to Chelsea Piers and saw all sorts of panniers, baskets and messenger bags.  Still we saw none like these bicycle bags.  Perhaps it's because these are one of a kind?

These gorgeous Faux Alligator Panniers are made in the USA by Lumpkin Cycle Works. If you want New York City style, look no further.  These have enough capacity to hold a full day of shopping on 5th Ave. or bushels of groceries from the Chelsea markets.  We like the two sets of straps which allow us to attach our Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Lights.  These panniers are also angled back to help prevent "kicking" during your pedal strokes.  The closures snap so no need to do/undo the buckles and an inner drawstring helps keep cargo from shifting during your ride.  You would look perfectly fly rolling through Midtown with these on your fixed gear!
The designer behind Lumpkin Cycle Works

Carlossee (Carlos-say), is a fashion designer and avid cyclist whose studio is located in Detroit, MichiganIf necessity is the mother of invention, who better to design fashionable yet functional cycle equipment than someone who bikes?  This is what makes "Lumpkins" so exceptionally unique.  Classic lines, sumptuous fabrics and a sense of daring pretty much sum up this line of cycle bags and panniers.

Mr. Lumpkin's artistry brings haute couture fashion to cyclists who use their bikes for much more than just recreation.  Carlossee is famous for arriving at black tie affairs on bicycle, (and tux), fully equipped with his signature panniers.  He is changing the image of the bike commuter while opening new and exciting options for urban cycling.  We could see that his impeccable fashion sense fits right in with NYC Bike Chic and are pleased to include his work in our video project.

Lumpkin Cycle Works bags are the "Birkin" of  bicycle panniers.

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