Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hydration & Sun Protection

COOL the heat with a Fridge Pak and Stainless Steel Polar Bottle
One of the great things about summer workouts is that the days are longer.  The sun rises earlier and sets later giving us a few optional hours to get out there.  I covet that time because the summer heat is already on by 10 am.  Getting out before the temps peak, (usually between 1-3 pm), is always a good idea.  You can  lessen your sun exposure by picking times when the UV rays are their weakest.  Here are a few more tips on staying cool, unfried and hydrated for your summer cross training sessions:

Hydration 101:  

Yes, you've heard this 101 times too but did you know that drinking COLD water not only tastes better but forces your metabolism to speed up in the process?  Not just the amount you drink but the temperature of the water counts toward an improved workout experience.  An insulated thermal Polar Bottle on your bike or to take along canteen style is one of the best ways to combat the summer heat.  If you don't have a thermal water bottle, you can add ice to a stainless steel one and stow it in a Fridge Pak as shown here.  It even has an outside zippered pouch and will also keep your sandwich, snack, gel pack and beverages quite cold.

Thermal Polar Bottle
To get the most out of your insulated water bottle however, fill it 1/3 of the way with crushed ice.  Add cold water with just a squeeze of lemon and you have a no-sugar, refreshing drink to go.  Using this method my water stays cool for about 2 hours in high heat, (82-90 degrees).  

The essential oil of lemon helps retard the growth of bacteria once the bottle is empty and leaves it fresh for the next time.  Try it!
Congratulations to Cassie Gedbaw of Superior Colorado on winning our Polar Bottle - Chocolate #9 GIVEAWAY this month.  Go Cassie!!!

                 Sun Protection

To be honest, I like the sun-kissed color of a natural tan but as I normally work out when the sun is low, that doesn't happen too easily.  I have used sunless tanners to give me the "look" of bronze skin but protect myself with sunblock such as Avon's Skin So Soft, (CVS has a pretty good dupe), with an SPF of 30.  It is similar to baby oil so the mosquitoes don't like it which makes me quite happy.  I use this on my arms and legs because I do want some sunBlood levels of Vitamin D are on the decline due to excessive use of sunblock, researchers say. Pasty white legs?  Ugh.  No thanks.
Mission Skincare-Amanda Beard's Organic Strawberry Lip Balmer with a 15 SPF...luscious!  Rudy Project Ability Cycling Glasses
I am adamant about wearing a stronger sunblock on my face, neck and decolletage though.  Just because I'm into fitness doesn't mean that I want to look like a leather bag.  That's basically what tanning does to your skin.  Don't forget your lips.  They will love you for Mission Skincare's delicious Lip Balmers with a SPF of 15. They specialize in health products for athletes, developed by athletes so DO check out this line.
Deep sun damage is hard to repair but a product like Neutrogena's Age Shield for Face has a whopping SPF of 110 and protects several layers deep into the epidermis.  It resists perspiration so it doesn't need to be reapplied every five minutes like some creams.  Complete your UV protection plan with a pair of technically cool shades like these by Rudy Project.  I'm wearing their new Kylix Cycling glasses which also reduce road glare and wind.  Stay hydrated and sun-protected this summer and you'll not only feel better but you'll LOOK better too. 

Staying hydrated and sun-protected are the best ways to enjoy your summer workout.  Helmet by Lazer.

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