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Posturing for Success Opedix Blade Tec Shirt and & Hoka One One Vanquish 2 Shoes

Opedix Women's Blade Tec 2.0 and Hoka Vanquish 2 Women's Road Shoes
Now that Marathon season is officially underway, I am testing new gear this spring to help give me an edge out on the road. I recently took a run in some very high tech compression tights by Opedix and you can read my full review HERE
I promised you a review of the tights' counterpart top, the Blade Tec 2.0 V-Neck. So here we go:

More/Shape Women's Half Marathon in Central Park
Why Posture Counts
Our posture is very important not only in weight training (which I think the Blade Tec Top is perfect for by the way) but also for running. Why? Well, if your posture is poor, your lungs are not going to be able to inflate and expand to maximum capacity. That means much less oxygen uptake when you need it the most.

Opedix Blade Tec helps align muscles for optimum posture

The Opedix Blade Tec Shirt acts like an active exoskeleton in helping to keep your muscles aligned for perfect running posture. I found this top to be pretty easy to get on as compression-wear goes. It is cool and comfortable as I was running in 70 degree weather. The material has good wicking action but did get a bit steamy under the arms. The best part is the silicon elastic along the bottom of the shirt. It stayed in place for my entire run which is almost unheard of. No need to pull down or adjust, as the back of the shirt is made a little longer than the front. 

Opedix Blade Tec Shirt is quick drying.

Easy to wash and quick drying, this shirt looks and feels great, giving you a gentle reminder to stand up straight. I really like the V-neck styling as this shirt looks great as well as being functional. See all the Opedix Kinetic Health Gear online at

Fun in the sun in the Opedix Blade Tec 2.0.
Hoka One One Vanquish 2 Road Shoes
I ran a lot of miles including quite a few races last year in my Hoka One One Vanquish Shoes. So I am familiar with this style and what it can do on both hard roadways and graveled trails. I have to say that the Vanquish 2 does well on packed gravel trails - my primary running terrain. They are super comfortable and I've not had a problem with painful joints or achilles tendons as when I tried a barefoot style of running shoe. You can read about that "barefoot" experience HERE.

Hoka One One's Vanquish 2's
Vanquish 2's Of course you will have to try a few different brands to see what works for you specifically. I used to wear Reebok fitness shoes especially at the gym and for aerobic's classes. However, they didn't seem to be the best shoe for running. So brand loyalty shouldn't prevent you from experimenting to find the best shoe for the job. Hoka's are known for their uber thick soles which to someone transitioning from thinner ones may feel like running in platforms! I personally didn't feel quite that way. In fact I've seen my times and fitness levels improve quickly running in Hokas.

Hokas + Opedix Compression Tights

Getting the Right Fit
I find that the Hoka One One collection runs true to size. I usually wear low profile wool blend running socks so the best thing is to take the socks you run in to the store with you. This will give you a better idea of how the shoes will fit and be less of a break in. This also includes any additional orthodics or innersoles, if any, used in your current shoes. Hokas are made to optimize the best running posture which is striking heel first. Studies have shown that women who run that way have almost no soft tissue injuries or shin splints as opposed to striking the ball of the foot first. I've made this conscious adjustment and have found it to be less stressful overall.

Race Day for me means wearing a pair of running shoes 1/2 size larger than usual. This is because while running, your feet naturally swell a bit. You also may be wearing a slightly thicker sock to go the distance so having a little extra room in the foot bed is going to mean less stress on your feet and toenails (be sure to give them a trim before racing). Check out all of the current Hoka One One athletic shoes online at

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