Monday, February 22, 2016

First Run in Women's Opedix Knee Tec 2.0 Compression Tights

Opedix Compression Separates
While it's still winter, (and Mr. Groundhog has promised an early spring), I'm getting back to training for the upcoming race season. There's a half-marathon I'm eyeing in March and then the More Shape Half Marathon in April. That means training outdoors in the fresh air with cycling and running. I had the chance to try the Women's Opedix Knee Tec 2.0 full length compression tights on a 2 mile bicycle ride and then a 5K trail run. Here's what I thought.

The Fit
Most of us who have worn compression tights know that you often need a shoehorn just to get them on. They can also dig in and restrict at the knee and hip joints. Feeling like you're working out in a straight jacket is not what you want. The Opedix Knee Tec tights were relatively easy to get on and fit incredibly well with 20 panel construction and patellar panels over the knees for extra mobility. The fabric offers 4 way stretch and fit my size 5 frame like a glove. The material/construction is surprisingly light and airy which is unique for compression tights which often have much more heft. I especially like the elastic waistband and flat drawstring tie which allowed the tights to stay in place while supporting my abs.

On the Bike
What may work on the running trail may not always work on a bicycle. I ride about 2 miles to run the trails at my local park, so it makes for a great little warm up for my legs. In fact I also wear a light Terry Bicycles cycling skort for running races as well as on my bike. It's just one of my favorite pieces of gear.

Crossing the finish line in my Terry Cycling Skort
So these Opedix compression tights were very comfortable on the saddle and off. The material is sheer and smooth yet not too slippery on the leather seat. They were good considering I usually ride with fully padded bib tights.  These tights are designed for cross training in a variety of fitness activities and worked well with my bicycle skort on top. 

My Opedix Tights were fine on my Selle Italia leather saddle.
After my bicycle warm up to the park, I did my usual 5k + run. Sacked with cold weather and snow, I've been snowshoeing but haven't been to the track since the middle of January. So I was expecting a little discomfort. However, I have to say, I've never felt better during a run. It could also be that I've dropped a few pounds which often helps but my knees, ankles, hips...everything felt great even after being off the track this long.

Opedix Knee Tec tights after my run. Hoka One One road shoes.
It was nearly 60 degrees and at that temperature, I will often wear long shorts. Still these full length compression tights were incredibly light and moisture wicking. I had little or no sweat build up during the run/ride as the material is completely breathable.  The Opedix line of activewear is made in the USA and exceeded my expectations for this first outing. I can definitely see training in them, especially when the weather is a bit on the cooler side. Hot weather, perhaps not so much. I plan to try the Women's Opedix Blade Tec 2.0 Shirt for weight lifting so stay tuned for that review. See all the Opedix activewear pieces for both men and women at OPEDIX.COM

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