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Grass Fed, Free Range Protein for Your Training Table

Grass Fed, Free Range protein options for your training table.

We Are What We Eat - While there are so many labels describing how and what we eat, vegetarian, pescatarian,vegan, etc. each athlete has to figure out what best works for them. While animal free diets may be popular, most fitness experts I've spoken with eat a little bit of everything as far as including protein on their training table. My friend, Heidi Powell, co-star of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss includes small servings of lean meats to maintain muscle strength and sculpting prior to body building competitions.

Heidi Powell teaching an exercise class in The Hamptons

I tend to agree with the top fitness gurus and have found the inclusion of lean, grass fed, free range meats to be a welcome and healthy addition to my diet. First of all, beef, lamb and chicken who are raised without hormones, without a mostly grain diet and without being cooped up offer a better quality of protein. In fact naturally raised livestock have been found to have higher levels of: CLAs, (conjugated linoliec acids), Omega 3 Fatty Acids, more intense or richer flavor.  CLA's are unsaturated fatty acids found in the meat and milk of cows, sheep and goats. Free-ranging is also a more humane way to keep animals, allowing them to graze and feed off the open land. Here's where quality should win out over quantity. I don't eat meat very much but when I do, I prefer to sit down and enjoy a good piece of naturally raised beef, chicken or lamb. 

Dave's Homemade Rubs
The Rub
I especially like to use a dry rub prior to grilling salmon, beef, chicken or lamb. You can most certainly make your own with a little hot Hungarian Paprika and cumin for a smokey flavor. A really delicious pre-made one that works great on almost every kind of meat and fish is by Chef Dave, namely his homemade Sweet & Sassy Smokehouse Rub  Another one is Dave's Homemade Muy Bueno Seasoning if you want more of a "Latin" flavor to your dish. Both rubs work extremely well for grilling. Order them wholesale online at Chef Dave's

Salmon fillets. Add a dry rub like Dave's prior to grilling for extra flavor

The Grass Fed Movement
One of the driving forces behind the Grass Fed, Free Range movement is the fact that the livestock are more humanely treated. Not only do they have a better quality of life because of how they are raised but also how they are fed. Feeding them a high quality natural diet is going to result in a higher quality end product. Grass fed and free range meats are already showing up in local supermarkets and food stores. In fact I've seen wild bison, free range lamb, chicken and Skinny Burgers in Wegman's and Shop-Rite locally in the NYC/Metro area.

Skinny Burgers and Ground are available at many local food stores.

Grass Fed Free Range Meats Delivered to Your Door
US Wellness Meats offer a wide variety of naturally raised, grass fed, free range choices. Everything from wild bison to lamb and beef stock. US Wellness Meats arrive frozen to your doorstep shrink-wrapped and can be safely refrozen if mild thawing occurs. I've had a monthly meat delivery service that had similar, portion-packaged products. However, US Wellness Meats are so much better in quality and flavor. You really can't beat the convenience of having everything packaged and labeled in easy to thaw portions. It makes meal preparation a snap.

US Wellness Meats arrive frozen, ready store or prepare.
In general, grass fed meats will cook 30% faster than grain fed. Over-cooking can make them tough however, these are premium cuts. Their Large Beef French RibEye and Lamb Steak were the most tender and delicious I've ever had as prepared in a slow-cooker. Exquisite!

Slow Cooker Grass fed Lamb Steak

See the full selection of naturally raised meats and order online at

US Wellness Meats 75% Lean Beef Patties grilling.

The Grassfed Exchange Conference
Want to learn more about the growing demand and benefits of grass fed, free range meats? This upcoming 2-Day conference includes pasture walking tours, a great line up of guest speakers to answer questions. Added to the mix for foodies and chefs especially is a Taste of the South Social. This year's conference will be held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, April 27th - 29th, 2016. For more details and online registration for The Grassfed Exchange Conference click HERE

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