Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Bright & Safe Cycling Accessories for Spring

This spring think, HIGH VIZ, Mirrors and Lights!
The weather is finally breaking and you are so ready to get back on your bicycle. While we may have the warmer temps going for us, keep in mind that motorists have gotten used to NOT seeing and sharing the road with cyclists over the winter months.

This means we are going to have to up our visibility and alertness game over the usual lights, bells and whistles. There are a few new gadgets I'm adding to my kit to meet those ends. What's great is that most are relatively easy to implement but can increase your safety factor exponentially. Here's what's new:

Tie one on.

Reflective/Flashing Arm Bands

These High Viz florescent yellow arm bands add an extra layer of visibility on your bike. Use them as flashing pant leg cuffs or on your upper arm. Easy to see with a reflective strip and flashing light for night time rides. Get them on Amazon or at your local bike shop.

RearVIZ Mirror Kit
The RearViz Mirror Kit allows you to look forward yet see behind. Fully rotatable on an adjustable cuff, it can be worn on your upper or lower arm. Has a universal mount available for your GoPro too which I think is a great idea. I have my camera mounted on one of my helmets so unless I wear THAT specific lid, no photos/videos. Not so with the RearVIZ.
I'm not a fan of helmet mirrors but cyclists could definitely rock this. Really this could work for the cyclist, athlete or weekend adventurer. Comes in lots of colors so check them out at

High Viz Florescent Yellow Helmet

Here's something to keep in mind. The majority of road accidents involving cyclists occur when the rider was wearing a BLACK helmet. If that seems to be the only common denominator the studies could find, why not sport a high viz color like this in high traffic areas? This particular helmet is the Lazer Helium which as the name implies is VERY lightweight. Has X-Static padding inside and a dial it in, adjustable fit. There are other bicycle helmets that are right and bright but this one is one of my favorites. Visit to see the latest colors.

Rudy Project Short Sleeve Fluro Jersey

Rudy Project's Short Sleeve Fluro Cycling Jersey has bright accents front and back for extra visibility. Has extra night reflective strips on the sides and three open pouches in back. It's a full zip jersey which I really like. I only wish that it had a zippered pocket in back. Made from "EcoGreen" aka recycled bottles.  See these road ready race jerseys online at Rudy Project.

Remember to keep it BRIGHT out there!

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