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Snow Dome: NEW Giro Women's Discord Snow Sports Helmet

Hot for snow sports this season: Giro's Discord
NEW for Winter 2015 - With more snow in the forecast, I'm glad my new Giro Discord Snow Sports Helmet arrived!
Even if you are doing something as "safe" as cross country skiing, having a helmet like this is important in case you take an unexpected fall. I have to admit to sledding and riding my Sled Dogs mini skis without a helmet...for years! Come to think of it, as a child I never wore a BICYCLE helmet either but you won't catch me on my bike without one now.

Track or cross country skiing

With snow sports, especially when heading downhill, you've got some serious speed with not a whole lot of braking control. It's not worth the risk of a possible head injury although thank God, I've never gotten more than just a few body bruises. All the same each year people are admitted into the emergency room due to concussions from skiing and snowboarding so yes....wear your helmet.

Lole Sidonie Ski Bibs
NEW 2015 Giro Discord Snow Sports Helmet
This season's hottest snow lid around is Giro's Discord.  This NEW design has soft shell construction and is ultra padded, so it is very comfortable to wear. Has thermostat control, stack vents, vertical tuning and what I really like, a super padded strap with cozy ear covers.  Even with a gloved hand (I wear snowboarding gloves for extra dexterity) the stack vents are easy to adjust on the fly. Perfect for all snow sports as shown here in Matte Dark Shadow. Check it out at

Side view of the stack vents and ear covers of the Discord

One of my favorite cycling helmets is the Giro Amare as I really like the design and construction. The Discord is not extremely heavy in spite of the ample cushioning. Shown here in a MEDIUM it comes in EIGHT gorgeous winter colors.

The Discord claims to be compatible with most styles of goggles. I wear Scott and Rudy Project Snow Goggles both of which have a pretty wide band with a bit of grip. The Discord itself if pretty compact with a matte finish and my goggles easily stayed in place during my run. No fogging either!

Discord Helmet + Rudy Project Goggles
My first run with the Discord was for some cross country skiing where the trails were un-groomed with a light layer of snow over packed ice. Very treacherous going but my head and ears were comfy warm. I did wear a helmet lining beanie underneath but I really didn't need it as after about 30 minutes I was perspiring. As you can see below, the inside of the Discord is very insulated with ample padding.

Padding inside
Here are the details from the Giro Website:

Discord Details

Reign Supreme: An all new offering in our innovative Soft Shell category, the Discord helmet expands your options for freestyle freedom and expression in natural terrain. Built for progressive freestyle and backcountry riders where day-to-day impacts are inevitable.

The Discord design combines our patent pending, impact absorbing dual density Vinyl Nitrile (VN) liner with a proprietary, flexible and comfortable helmet for both high and low energy impacts.

The Discord's low profile design features Thermostat Control adjustable venting, Auto Loc 2 fit system as well as removable ear pads and seamless compatibility with all Giro EXV goggles for a dialed fit and fog-free function in any condition.

Additional Colors, Sizes and purchase details are available here:

Giro Discord Helmet Mens Unisex Ski Snowboard Protection New 2015 (Matte Black)

On the fly vertical tuning

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  1. NEW for Winter 2015 - With more snow in the forecast, I'm glad my new Giro Discord Snow Sports Helmet arrived! Even if you are doing ...