Monday, January 12, 2015

Jump Start Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions

Jump Start your New Year's Fitness Resolutions with these "Game Changers"!
I'm sure you were all stoked about stepping up your fitness routine for 2015 on January 1st, right?Now the reality of not enough hours in the day, cold-wet-snowy weather and the general "blahs" from dark, gray skies is setting in.

Don't despair! There are a few things you can do to re-fire your desire to get fit in 2015. Here are some sure fire tips to do NOW to help turn things around:

Go Shopping for New Running Shoes
Even if it's really snowy/rainy outside now, there will be some winter days when the skies will open up and the pavement will be dry. A pair of new running shoes is just the thing you need to take a run in the park or even the treadmill at the gym. Look for the most up-to-date releases in funky bright colors to chase away the winter blues. Check out this new pair of Hoka One One 2015 Bondi 4 Women's Road Shoes in Corsican Blue and Neon Cora!  See more colors of the
Hoka One Bondi Women's Road Shoe

UPDATE: I took my first run in the Bondi 4 the other day and they are amazing! Even without the extra Ortholite Performance Insoles in place, they gave me a stable, well cushioned ride on the road. They also have enough grip for trail use as I tested them off road. Full review will follow.

Getting a new pair of running shoes can motivate you to run more.

Amp Up Your Nutrition -Try Some New Energy Bars
If you've been hitting it pretty hard at the gym, you may not be getting enough protein calories to fuel your workout. I usually drink about half of my protein shake before lifting weights and then the other half when I'm done. That's fine for the home gym workout but you may want protein to go in the form of an energy bar. These NuGo Bars are lower in sugar, rice / whey based and deliciously easy to pack along. My favorite? I'd have to say I'm partial to the Carrot Cake and Caramel Pretzel!

This Caramel Pretzel Stronger NuGo bar offer 25 grams of packable protein.

And Some New Performance Supplements
Just like the NuGo Stronger Protein Bars, you'll want to keep portability in mind as you may have to relocate your workout to the gym during inclement weather. These Ultra Woman Packets from Vitamin World contain a day's worth of supplements for the active woman. I love taking these along when I travel too as most hotels have a workout room with a water cooler. Easy to swallow tablets and each 30 Day supply comes with a cool Zumba Workout DVD! Now how's THAT for motivation?

Ultra Woman Fitness Supplements from Vitamin World travel easy.
Get A Grip: Buy Some New Weight Lifting Gloves
This is an issue for me because my hands are small and gripping the lat and chest press bars can be uncomfortable.  These G-Loves are flashy and brighten up your workout while helping you handle the bar with confidence. 100% Neoprene and made in the USA, they need a bit of breaking in before they conform completely to your hands. Check out all of the designs at

G-Loves Fashionable Workout Gloves
Take A Class
One of my favorite outdoor fitness educators is REI. They often have all sorts of classes at their stores or on location. Now's the time you might want to brush up on your bicycle maintenance skills such as the class I attended at The Woman's Story in Crystal Springs Resort. Even if you may be done for the season as far as riding, learning some new skills at a Bicycle Clinic can make you eager and ready to hit it once the opportunity arises. If you do ride in the winter, these skills can help keep your bicycle in top working condition despite the cold and snow.

Justin from REI teaching a Bicycle Maintenance Clinic

Can't Beat Them? Join Them!
You might want to get out a pair of good thermal, waterproof hiking boots in case cabin fever is just too much. While I understand not everyone is a Snow Bunny (like me), working out in cold temperatures actually burns MORE fat than going at it in a heated room. So ditch the gym a few days a week and take a walk in the cold or snow. If it's really slick add some Micro-Spikes or mini crampons. You will feel so much better even if it's a quick walk due to the cold. Layer up and get out there! 
Skiing or snowboarding? Check out my review of Lole's 2015 Thermal Sidonie Ski Bibs!

My answer to being Snowbound-Ahnu Montara Tall Hiking Boots

Try on Some New Workout Clothes
I really enjoy looking at the Spring and Summer fitness collections as I can begin dreaming about springtime even in the midst of high winds and snowstorms. Grab a few catalogs and see what's new for SS2015 and what pieces you might want to add to help round out your fitness wardrobe. You can also pick out some new cold weather pieces for now to help deal with the style. Here below is one of my favorites this season: Baker Bike Jacket by Novara ( REI Label).

Something Bright and Toasty for the cold weather.

Just thinking about springtime can lift your spirits with visions of warmer days and working out, outdoors. One of my favorites finds is cycle-wear that looks like street-wear. Giro's New Road Collection is both fashionable and practical on and off the bike. This makes your pieces do double duty, affording more wear per garment. A bike commuter's panacea. Check out GiroSportDesign online.

Giro Sport Design: Spring Cycle-wear that looks like street-wear

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