Monday, November 18, 2013

Healthy Snacking: Almond Joyous Kobaya Nuts

Kobaya Coated Almonds means guilt free snacking for the holidays!

With Thanksgiving & Hanukkah BOTH coming up next week, the holiday season is pretty much ON. So unless you are fine with packing on 10 to 15lbs average during said holidays, may I suggest a game plan which may help. Not only that, these snacks are loaded with protein, magnesium and flavor!

Kobaya Coated Almonds
These are California grown almonds, roasted and flavored with a rice coating in Japan. They are a low sodium, gluten free snack and a 1/4 cup serving, (that's about 23 almonds) has 200 calories and six grams of protein. You also get 3 grams of dietary fiber which helps make you feel full after eating them. Super crunchy!
These are really delicious and hit the spot for a late night snack when you might be tempted for something more fattening and less nutritious.

Kobaya Coated Almonds come shelled and roasted in the shell. Both types are flavored. 
Shelled and Unshelled
These almonds come shelled and in the shell but both varieties are flavored. The Wasabi is my favorite but other flavors include: Black Pepper, Lightly Salted and Authentic Smoke Flavor. Almonds are rich in natural calcium and magnesium and the Lightly Salted only has 15mgs of sodium per serving. Like nearly every other nut, almonds are also rich in fat but the heart healthy kind. No trans fat and the saturated fat comes in at only 1 gram per serving or 5% of your daily intake.

In the shell Kobaya coated almonds are very easy to peel with just your hands.
So pass these out at your next party or hike. They'll be gone so save a bag or two for yourself. The also make the perfect energy sustaining skiing or snowshoeing companion so pack a few small bags as they are resealable. Kobaya Coated Almonds come in 5oz Roasted in Shell Bags and 2oz Shelled Bags. Visit Kobaya Online for more information.

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