Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bike Loot's November Box

Bike Loot's November Box with a HUGE Mazamabar hazelnut-mocha bar and  cozy hand warmers!
Well, it's November and today the reality check of riding in the great Northeast hit in the form of temps in the 40's. Yes, I would consider that cold. So, a spot of sunshine in my month arrived in the form of my Bike Loot subscription. Opening the box brought a smile to my face as usual. Here are the highlights of the November Bike Loot Box:

Vi Fuel Endurance Gel in Peach Cobbler and The Bee's Knees PB with Honey Spread
First the Delicious Goodies
I think the Bike Loot Dudes understand us cyclists need a few extra food items for the cold weather. In addition to the MASSIVE 3.25 oz Mazamabar High Performance Energy Bar which has a whopping 410 calories about half of which is yummy fat, they have the Vi Fuel and The Bee's Knees Spread. Since I like Peach Cobbler, I'll most likely enjoy the Vi Fuel Pack with its organic peach flavor. We've seen The Bee's Knees Spread in the store and it can be drizzled on fruit, crackers, celery when you're out and need a natural energy boost. No hydrogenated oil or HFCS, knead it a bit before using as the honey and PB can separate.

Sqwincher Fast Pack for electrolyte balancing
Electrolyte Replacement-Sqwincher
I was head of the first aid department for a major food packaging plant and remember using this same product to help employees who were suffering from heat and sun stroke. I'd purchase this stuff by the case and it worked! Guys with cramps, fatigue, etc. would take a packet, add it to water and be on their way. No caffeine and lower in sodium than Gatorade, it's definitely something to keep on your bicycle because it works in real heat stress & dehydration situations.

Paper Shower, the wash and dry cycle
Paper Shower
I thought this was a brilliant idea. I usually carry Fresh Bath in my panniers and trunk but let's get real, unless you can dry yourself off, the cold winter chill will be a great deterrent from utilizing said wet wipes. First use the moist section of Paper Shower and then dry off with the dry towelette. Much better!

Hold Me Hand Warmers
These seem like a smart idea. No rubbing or crushing required. Just open the plastic and the AIR activates the heat reaction. There's two per package so slip one in each cycling glove and be happy. Nothing chemically toxic, these appear easy to use and work best in and enclosed area like your glove or shoe. Another great Bike Loot BOX! It's nice to know that they thought of everything a cyclist would need as the cold winds start to blow this November...and we're still on our bikes.

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