Friday, November 15, 2013

NEW! Rudy Project Nebula Sunglasses

NEW! Rudy Project's Nebula in Black Anemone with Multi-Laser Violet Lenses. A walk on the wild side.

Rudy Project's Latest Italian Job
NEW Design for 2014!  Looking for some edgy eye wear this winter? Check out the chilly violet hues of these Multi-LS Lenses from Rudy. On trend styling, never boring and technically cool. Extra large lenses for maximum UV blockage and clear visibility for a variety of outdoor activities. Frame is a beautiful Black Anemone pattern and comes with an airtight Two Year Warranty. A work of art, (just look inside the ear pieces...WOW)! Made in Italy (of course).

The Nebula has been included in my Lucky Gift Guide as they make the perfect gift for the IT girl on your list.
The Nebula
We all struggle with what to get people on our Christmas list. Believe me, your favorite roadie, hiker or mountain climber will be very pleased to get a pair of these! Lenses are fog-free and scratch resistant while being very comfortable and light on your face. You won't notice you are wearing them, but your eyes will thank you, (and Rudy), for the clarity and superior UV protection. One of the boldest designs I've seen from Rudy Project to date.  Stop by their website and see what else is new for the holidays and 2014 at Rudy Project Online.

Style, fit, comfort and superior optics....that's Rudy.
Nebula Features:
The polycarbonate lenses ensure the best view and meet the highest optical standards. The mirrored Multilaser Violet lenses with approx. 15% light transmission offer a great look and protect even from bright to middle sunlight intensity.

These glasses may also be fitted with both the ImpactRx™ prescription lenses, top-level customized corrective lenses from the Rudy Project range (photochromic and shatterproof, guaranteeing maximum visual clarity and safety), and the Hi Index +1.6™, static ophthalmic lenses which are extremely light, thin and resistant, and ideal for the best prescriptions. 

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