Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hytail Ponytail Hat & Klean Kanteen: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Hytail Ponytail hat for fitness. Klean Kanteen for prevention.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This is an important issue for women and the lives we touch. However I believe also in prevention. That's why I was so pleased to find two great companies with products and support of causes which do just that. Hytail and Klean Kanteen:

Hytail: Getting Out There & Being Active
Having a lower percentage of body fat and keeping yourself in shape has been found to ward off many types of cancers, not just breast. That is why I was so happy to find the Hytail Ponytail Hat. I have long hair and usually put it up in a ponytail before I go out for a run or hike. All the same, my hair usually ends up sweaty and sticking to my back and shoulders.

Hytail Ribbon Caps: 20% of proceeds support the cause.
The unique design of the Hytail means that even if you forget to bring an elastic, the hat has a comfortable one built in for you. This is NOT a guys baseball cap refitted for a woman. The idea was hatched by Tess Rogers on a family vacation with a cut up baseball hat!

Easy Fit
The Hytail offers an easy, secure fit. I wore mine for a brisk scooter ride and it stayed on while keeping my hair up and off my neck. Freedom! I can see running, playing tennis and all other types of intense activities in my Hytail. Here's the 411 from the Hytail website:

Why Hytail™ Hats

We designed the Hytail™ hat for a sleek look, comfort, ease-of-wearing and protection from the sun. The Hytail™ hat is shaped to easily fit your head and the wide band on the back literally lifts your hair off of your neck to help keep you cool and comfortable. The hat is also great for wearing large, stylish sunglasses with no hassles. The days of Velcro, buckles, and awkward fit are now behind us thanks to the unique design of the Hytail™. Women, who have both long and short hair, appreciate the Hytail™ because it is easy to put on, hassle free and most importantly fits comfortably. Conveniently, the Hytail™ will easily fit in your purse, workout bag, glove compartment, and even your pocket.

Hytail's inventor, Tess Rogers

Anything that helps you to be more active and fit is a worthwhile purchase. The Hytail Ponytail Hat is something simple but can make a big difference in how intensely and often you work out. Besides. You'll look fantastic!

Klean Kanteen: Breast Cancer Prevention
I use my BPA-Free Klean Kanteens just about everyday. I take it to the coffee shop and save a paper cup by using it as a refillable.
It makes a difference!

I agree with KK's philosophy of Breast Cancer Prevention over treatment. Now while both are important, I think they are on to something.  Here's what they have to say:

Focusing on Cancer Prevention

Pink is often the color associated with the fight against breast cancer and finding a cure. But for our partner, the Breast Cancer Fund, the color is purple and the focus is prevention. No more than one in ten women with breast cancer has a genetic history of the disease, and growing scientific evidence points to toxic chemicals and radiation that we’re exposed to in our everyday lives as contributing factors for the high rates of breast cancer. For this reason, the Breast Cancer Fund works to identify and eliminate the environmental causes of the disease.

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