Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Cycling Vacation: BikeLoot Review

This arrived in time for my bicycle touring vacation. BIKELOOT!
I'm taking my vacation a bit later this year. Usually we go away for camping at the cabin the last week in August or so but I've had several conflicting engagements. So since it is later, I decided to do a fall bicycle tour, choosing a different scenic route each day. That's why I was so excited to see my Septenergy BikeLoot box arrive as my vacation began.

What is BikeLoot?
I've covered NatureBox before and BikeLoot is a similar subscription to that service. However, it is more specific to cyclists which makes it an even more personalized gift.  Here's the description of the service from their website:

How Does BikeLoot Work?
BikeLoot Box is a monthly box subscription that has your cycling lifestyle covered. With BikeLoot you will try five to six of the top cycling industry product samples, like gels, bars, hydration, and maintenance, and we send it straight to your door, every month for as low as $9/month.  Just follow these easy steps and you will be discovering what makes you ride month after month.​

The Septenergy BikeLoot Box 
Some things like the Chocolate #9 which I have reviewed here before were familiar but several other items were surprising treats that I would also keep on the bicycle. In fact I used Chocolate #9 for the Rapha Women's 100 this past July.  Here are some of my other Septenergy favorites:

Elete Electrolytes 
These little pouches of pure electrolyte concentrate can turn any 24oz water bottle into a sugar & calorie free power drink. Very easy to use, I added one (you get three) to my Thermal PolarBottle and hit the road. 

Rip Van Wafels 
These are portable wafer thin, caramel filled Amsterdam Wafels. After a long ride, stop for some coffee and warm the wafel by placing it over the cup rim. No preservatives, artificial flavors or HFCS. Almost like having breakfast to go!

I'd like a little wafel to go with my whipped cream.
Baobab Foods
Hailed as the King of the Superfoods, Baobab,(remember the Little Prince from outer space?) is very nutritious giving you a burst of energy from pure B6 and B12. You get two packets and this would probably make a good recovery drink once you get home. A little chalky but not bad.

Perky Jerky 
Somebody got the memo. Us cyclists LOVE JERKY! Almost like steak to go, this beef treat is marinated in traditional jerky seasonings PLUS Guarana. This .5 oz pouch will give you a bit of a energy-protein boost to get you home.

The Wrap 
BikeLoot is definitely going into my Holiday Guide this year. You can choose where to ship BikeLoot and how long the subscription lasts. If the person lives in an area where riding is restricted to the warmer months, you can choose to ship BikeLoot then. Most of the items are small enough to take with you in your cycling jersey or seat bag. It's really up to you and I think a little cache of cycling specific surprises like this definitely will make your month.  

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