Friday, October 11, 2013

Celsius the Calorie Reducing Drink

Celsius Energy Drinks give you lasting energy to burn more calories.
It's not often that I take the time to write about an energy drink, but this one calls for an exception. I had the chance to try Celsius Energy Drinks over the past few weeks and have to say I'm really impressed by the products.

Why Celsius?
Can you remember me writing about how drinking ice cold water in the am helps boost your metabolism? Well, Celsius takes this a step further as I experimented with drinking mine ice cold from the fridge before my bicycle rides and weight training sets.

Here's what they have to say from the Celsius website:

Celsius is a negative calorie fitness drink, available in ready-to-drink cans and powder, that boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories during your normal workout or exercise activity, making this pre-exercise fitness drink the key to your ultimate workout! Celsius has not only been scientifically proven to boost your metabolism, and it is also provides energy that lasts for hours. Celsius is sugar-free, and using a process called thermogenesis, allows you to burn more fat and calories during your fitness routine. Fueled by a unique combination of green tea extract, ginger root, guarana, B-vitamins and caffeine, this fitness drink will leave you wondering where Celsius has been all your life.

Aerobic Exercise: Yes, I'm wondering now too. Not only did I have more stamina for my longer bicycle rides but it also increased my mental alertness. Something you definitely need on the road. I was able to do more sprinting with less fatigue after having a can of Celsius before my ride.

Weight Training: In the gym and before doing my sets, I like to have a pre-workout drink, usually just ice water. I've found that I can get through my sets faster and with more control of the bar after having a Celsius. So it is useful for both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

How Does it Taste?
That was one of the surprising things. These all taste delicious without any strange after taste often found in some electrolyte drinks. Celsius drinks have no sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors.
Maybe that's why they taste so good? The carbonated varieties taste the best, in my opinion and the Sparkling Cola is amazing. Just like a Coke! The Sparkling Wild Berry is also a favorite of mine. You can even use them to make skinny mocktails for an event ride or sporting tail gating party.

Add some flavored seltzers to the Celsius Energy Drinks.
The Wrap
Each 12oz can of Celsius has only 20 calories and NO HFCS (high fructose corn sweetener) or Aspertame. It's also very low in sodium. I believe that it will help you burn at least 100 extra calories or more just due to the increased intensity it affords. The charge is almost immediate, which is better than waiting for your capsules to kick in.  I wouldn't drink this too late in the afternoon though as the caffeine and Guarana could keep you up. However, if you are like me and work out in the morning, it will give your metabolism a needed boost, allowing you to burn more fat calories at that time of day.

Celsius sparking flavors are my favorites.

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