Friday, January 18, 2013

Carve Designs: Aiden Tweed Cap & Summit Peacoat

Carve Designs Aiden Tweed Cap and Summit Peacoat.  Chica Cool Hoody by ExOfficio.  Eyewear, Ray-Ban Wayfarers
If you are like me and like to walk and be outdoors year round, there are a few key pieces you should have on hand.  Not even looking at this from a fashion perspective, a peacoat or raincoat is very important as you can layer it and be very comfortable. Add a scarf, a Chica Cool Hoody as I'm wearing here and cap for extra warmth and you're ready to go. Need more coziness for the chill?  No need to bulk up. When I need to step the heat I simply add a very fine Merino Wool base-layer next to my skin.Famous for their merino wool socks, Bluey Australia's latest active wear release is their Outdoor 160 which is super soft and adds no bulk under your clothes.

Layering: Cotton does not work in the winter.  Try soft synthetics and Merino Wool base & mid-layers.

Summit Peacoat
This is what is known as three season wear.  I especially like Carve Design's Summit Peacoat as the fit is perfect for walking and an active lifestyle. The inside of the coat is lined with a contrasting striped cotton terry and a matching detachable hood. What sets this coat apart is the attention to detail including the ribbed cuffed sleeves that do a great job of keeping cold air out. Likewise this peacoat can be buttoned at the neck which is important because most of our body's heat is lost at the head and throat area.

Aiden Tweed Cap
I'll be the first to admit being a hat person!  Still there is another reason why. Even a small brimmed hat will offer protection from the sun for your skin and eyes.  The Aiden Tweed Cap is small enough to pack on my bicycle and is the perfect solution to helmet hair once you arrive at your destination.  It is completely lined, has an adjustable band and travels well. A true classic without being the least bit stuffy!  Once again, key pieces like these are timeless, not trendy and give you the most options for protection from the sun, snow and rain.  Carve Designs of California understands the needs of active, athletic women and their clothing line offers a refreshing alternative to the usual fare of Spandex. 

Transitioning from winter to early spring: Aiden Tweed Cap and Summit Peacoat by Carve Designs of CA.

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