Friday, June 1, 2012

Keeping It Clean: Pocket Shower & Fresh Bath

Pocket Shower by Sea to Summit holds 10 liters of water for a 7 minute shower!
As the heat and humidity rises, so does well, perspiration and body odor.  This summer, if you are into bike commuting to work or to do errands, you can take along a wet wipe type product like Fresh Bath from Adventure Medical Kits and a travel sized deodorant.  Both will easily fit in a bike bag or panniers and allow you to freshen up quickly before meeting the public. You get 8 thick Fresh Bath wipes per package. Each sheet is infused with an antibacterial and vitamin enriched solution that cleans away perspiration, odor and conditions the skin.
Fresh Bath Wipes & Pocket Shower are very compact

What if there was a way to take a real shower on your hike, camping trip or cycling tour?  Believe it or not you can!

Pocket Shower by Sea to Summit from Opulent Items holds up to 10 liters of water (10 liters = 2.64172 US gallons) for a full 7 minute shower. It consists of a simple roll top bag with a small shower head on the bottom.  You fill it, fold it over at least three times, hang it and twist the spray head to start the water flowing.  Very simple design but quite effective.

Pocket Shower is perfect for use on hot, humid days as the black bag absorbs the suns rays and naturally heats the water for you.  If it's very hot and you prefer a cooler shower, simply store the bag in the shade.  Either way, the Pocket Shower is easy to use and can mean the difference between feeling disgusting vs. being refreshed outdoors. 

Hiking, Camping Out & Bicycle Touring

One of the things backpackers and touring cyclists have to take into consideration is the size and weight of their gear. Most panniers and bicycle bags do have a weight and volume limit so taking equipment that is both light and compact will be a great bonus.

In fact the Pocket Shower rolls down into a tiny 5 x 3" case and weighs only 5 1/4 ounces (about 149 grams).  I filled it to the marked 10 liter line and hung it on the fence in the sun for a few hours.  When I got back from my bike ride I hoisted it onto our garden arch.  It comes with a long cord which you could toss over a low hanging tree branch but 10 liters of water weighs 22 lbs! The cord is like a shoe string and did support the weight but we simply clipped the bag itself over the iron works of the garden arch.

Pocket Shower clipped around a tree limb
As you can see in the photo, you get a nice, steady flow which can be regulated by simply twisting the little shower head.  This was the first time I ever took a shower in my garden but have to say the Pocket Shower held more than enough water for a complete, cleansing head to toe spritz. There was even enough spray to rinse my hair. You could also hang the bag lower to set it up as a hand washing station.  I can see this fitting in perfectly on any camping trip or bicycle tour where you will have the time to set up for an overnight stay.  You would need access to clean water of course but besides that, this system is ready to go. 

The Wrap

With summer heat well on the way, now is a good time to think of ways of dealing with it.  As part of our Heat & Sun Awareness project, we are recommending versatile products like these.  Taking a cool shower is one of the best ways to not only revive yourself but to also lower your core body temperature.  Heat stress can lead to heat stroke so it's a good idea to have a few options to cope with it beforehand.

Just to be able to take a shower in the outdoors after a long hike or a day of bicycle touring can lift your spirits immeasurably, (your outdoor buddies will also be happier)!  The Fresh Bath Towelettes are thick and soft almost like a real washcloth.  They stow along quite easily in your day-pack or bicycle bag and can be used anywhere. Fresh Bath wipes also warm up well inside your backpack/bag to a comfortable temperature.
The Pocket Shower is more suited for longer stays in the woods or bicycle touring on the road.  If you are camping, you can fill the Pocket Shower in the morning and let it warm in the sun while you go hiking or do other activities.  When you get back, you'll have a warm shower waiting.  Same thing if you're on bike tour where you are stopping to camp out each night.  You can actually use a camp stove to quickly warm up the water a little if you hadn't had time to let the bag soak up some rays.  Both products have their place in helping to keep you fresh & cool and are a welcome luxury on the go.


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