Saturday, May 26, 2012

Giordana Gita Women's Bib Shorts

Having an epiphany...Bib Shorts DO make your ride better, especially if they are made by Giordana. XENON 2.0 Cycle Jersey & Signature Cap by Gore Bike Wear

NEW for Summer 2012 Xenon 2.0
I've always wondered just what men cyclists see in their bib shorts.  I mean they look like they are wearing white stretchy suspenders to hold up their cycle tights. I did try a (unisex) team racing set by LOOK a few seasons back but as I am, let's say NOT flat chested, I found the straps to be really uncomfortable and bothersome.

So it took quite a bit of doing to test drive this new set of Women's Bib Shorts by Giordana for Road ID.  Since these are actually women-specific, they are already quite a bit ahead of the unisex version by LOOK.  Now I'm not saying that I am a chamois snob but my bottom has been treated to some very fancy ones by Terry, Pearl Izumi and Gore Bike Wear to name a few. This season, however, I was introduced to a whole new level of road comfort.

Now I'm not above asking, "Do these shorts make my butt look big?" but really there was no need with these. Stretch Moxie Power Lycra with silicone leg grips keeps everything in place. Black is well, slimming!
Flat-lock seams smooth out your leg line and the Road ID graphics are very flattering. It was quite hot so I topped these bib shorts with this sleeveless Gore Bike Wear Xenon 2.0 Lady Singlet cycling jersey with lots of mesh and airflow to match the comfy straps on the bibs. These bib shorts are also made with 50+ UPF fabric and offers excellent UV protection. This means you won't need to apply sunblock to the area that the shorts cover although I do use it on the exposed part of my legs.

Matching Women's Giordana Cycle Jersey has UPF of 38+
The chamois itself is gender specific OmniForm TM and seamless so it doesn't interfere with your saddle positioning. Really everything is so smoothly put together that you don't see the outline of the chamois from the outside of the shorts. Sweet!  More specific details on the Giordana insert:

These bibs feature Giordana’s WMC3 O.F. insert. This chamois is specifically designed for use by women and is the result of a focused study on female body movements while pedaling. It is a single, seamless insert with differentiated thickness to contour to the female body and allow full range of motion. The WMC3 is molded using Giordana’s High Frequency OmniForm technique that shapes the chamois using high frequency waves instead of heat. This ensures that the pad remains soft and extremely flexible throughout its lifetime.
Take a tour inside the Giordana factory in Italy showing how the chamois insert is sewn into the bib shorts:

The Best Chamois Butter

The padded insert used to be made of deerskin, hence the name chamois.  Some hardcore cyclists of old used to put a steak inside their shorts for long rides. These days, most are made of easy to wash synthetic, high performance materials. The Giordana Gita Bib Shorts chamois, WMC-3-O.F. is a women specific one piece insert that is very lightweight, flexible. Like the shorts, it is made in Italy using a polyester microfiber.

Either way, you will need something between you and your bib shorts. I wear a minimalist thong under my bib shorts (ExOfficio's Give 'n Go Lacey Thong), and use a tiny dab of Mission Athletecare's 5 Hour Anti-Chafe Cream.  Silicone and botanically based, (infused with Aloe & Vitamin E), it has a super light feel but is waterproof/sweatproof. You can even do like the pros and apply this "chamois butter" directly to the pad as it contains no petroleum or parabens. You'll have to experiment to see what works best for you but for me, this Mission Anti-Chafe is the balm!
The Road Test

I've taken the Giordana Gitas out on my Terry Symmetry Road Bike (see photo below) at least three times for a 7-8 mile trip each time. This bicycle came with a very comfortable but road-worthy Terry Butterfly gel saddle. It is a comfortable saddle but not a "comfort - saddle" and I've always ridden it with some sort of chamois insert.

The Giordana's stayed in place and didn't slip over the seat.  The chamois is so much a part of the fabric of the shorts that it doesn't stick out or feel bulky between the legs. It conforms so well to the female form that all you need focus on is the ride, not pulling up or adjusting your shorts.  So there is my epiphany.  Bib Shorts when done right for your gender and anatomy can make a huge difference in the quality of your ride. These Giordana Gitas are amazing. Check out Giordana for Road ID's Team Cycling Jersey too!

Giordana Gita for Road ID Men & Women's Bib Shorts are available from Road ID


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