Saturday, June 9, 2012

Schwinn Comfort Bicycles

Schwinn Hybrid Comfort Bicycles combine the best of road, cruiser and mountain biking. Panniers: by Basil, Netherlands
Many people today are looking for a bicycle that can fill several needs. You may not have enough room or funds to house a stable of different bicycles.  Road bikes have long been associated with racing and optimal cardiovascular exercise.  Mountain bikes generally have wider tires so are a bit slower but more sure footed on gravel and dirt.

Schwinn is the stuff childhood legends are made of and their new line of  hybrids do not disappoint. They are lighter due to the aluminum frames and offer a lot of features found in higher end road bikes.  Best of all, if you want a bicycle for commuting, (and looking good while doing so), plus a little off road fun, the new hybrids offer a SR Suntour front suspension fork and spring supported seat.  They definitely live up to the name "Comfort Bike". Don't expect the high powered stiff frame of a road bike though. This is definitely a comfort cruiser but with mountain bike attitude.

Basil Jada Double Bags

Schwinn Hybrids
This bicycle has 21 speeds and SRAM grip shifters and linear pull-brakes allow for easy gear changes and stops. The 700C men's Schwinn bike features high-quality Aluminum City Frame. Fully equipped with matching painted fenders this Schwinn hybrid 700C is ideal for use in all types of weather.  Just make sure that your chain in lubed after a rainfall.  Also the steel parts on the fork will rust.

The rear storage rack is part of the frame. It allows for convenient and safe holding of your luggage and or panniers. We love these ones by Basil, NL (Jada Double Bag in Marble/Grey), as they are very water repellent.  Each bag has a large front zipper pocket, side pockets, topside with two bands for LED/ straps /child's seat/ spring clamp, double reflection on all sides. They hold a LOT too. Their capacity is expandable up to 35L and simply look beautiful on these bikes.

Schwinn Solitaire Hybrid Bike:

Schwinn's Solitaire Hybrid Bicycle in Rootbeer

  • Aluminum "City" frame with SR Suntour Suspension Fork offers upright riding position
  • Fenders and rear storage rack for convenient city riding in all conditions
  • Padded saddle with suspension seat post for a cushioned ride
  • 21-Speed Shimano Drive-train with SRAM Grip Shift Shifters for easy gear changes
  • ProMax alloy linear pull brakes stop precisely

  • CatEye Urban Wireless Computer Completes the Package

    CatEye Urban Wireless
    In addition to lights and panniers we recommend getting a simple, easy to use bicycle computer.  The Urban Wireless by CatEye is super simple to set up and install while having 9 essential functions:
    • Current, Average and Maximum speed
    • Trip Distance
    • Odometer
    • Elapsed Time
    • 12/24 hr Clock
    • Calorie Consumption
    • Carbon Offset
    The split screen on the CatEye Urban Wireless allows you to read two values at the same time. The other screens are easy to access via the large bar button on the front of the unit.  Auto start-stop (auto power save mode) conserves battery energy when it no longer senses wheel motion.

    Pack A Medical Kit!

    Whether commuting or out for a leisurely ride, always pack a medical kit. Having a trunk or panniers on your bicycle allows you to carry things for a change in the weather or emergency situations. Adventure Medical Kits are Ultralight / Watertight so NOTHING gets in them. The Ultralight Watertight .7 is double bagged and has a full assortment of bandages, medications, moleskin and wound care preparations.  They are easy to throw on the bicycle and you can add a few extra items to personalize the kit according to your needs and the season.  Here's what I additionally pack for the summer months:
    • Mission Athletecare Sun Defeated Sunblock SPF 30
    • Natrapel 8 hour Insect Repellent Wipes
    • Feminine Supplies
    • Mission Athletecare Moisturizing Lip Protector SPF 20
    • Topricin Homeopathic Pain Cream
    • Waterproof Shell in case of showers



    1. When I was looking for a bike, I wanted something that would be a good all-around town ride but that would be easy to store inside. I test rode a lot of different bikes, but in the end, I'm really happy with my Montague bike. It rides great, and at the end of the day, it folds to fit in my closet.

    2. Hi Jess,

      Wow, I checked out your Montague which is a FULL SIZED folding bike. It is very convenient to be able to fold, store or transport a bicycle like that. When reviewing a folding bike, we thought of things like weight, speeds and having a rear rack to actually carry things.

      That's why we recommended Green Zone's Alloy Folding bike which we transported by train and tested on the New York City Bike Path. It is smaller than the Montague, weighs about 25 lbs, has 7 speeds and a rear-spring rack is included along with a bell. Check it out in action here in our NYC Bike Path Film:


      Dr. M