Monday, March 27, 2017

Healthy Oils for the Human Machine

Your Spring Training Table should include these healthy oils.

Only a few years ago some top nutritionists (not me though) kept recommending egg whites over whole eggs. What was subsequently found was that the egg yolks contain essential fatty acids, EFA's, choline, B-12, vitamin A & D plus trace minerals like selenium and phosphorus. So there are obvious holes in a fat free or low fat diet. News flash...whole eggs are back!

Weight Training
If you are working out and lifting weights, you may wish to avail yourself of coconut oil in cooking and your smoothies. Some athletes even add a teaspoonful to their coffee! Nature's Approved Organic Coconut Oil has added a Peppermint flavored version to try. Added to coffee or tea, it boosts your senses and mental acuity almost immediately. Our brains are mostly composed of fat so this is a great start to the day with pure brain food. If you want to add coconut oil to a cold almond or oat milk smoothie, try MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which stays liquid even when chilled as it is fractionated. All the coco-nutty smell and taste is removed so it may be more versatile for applications where these are less desirable.

Add some fractionated coconut oil to your morning smoothies.

Cooking With Flavored Coconut Oils
One of my favorite things to do is to grill free range meats,fish and vegetables in flavored coconut oils. Nature's Approved Lemon and Garlic Coconut Oils are fantastic additions to all sorts of meals and preparation methods. I use their Lemon Flavored Coconut Oil to grill fish and vegetables. It adds a brightness to the cuisine and you may find yourself adding much less salt to the dish. Garlic Flavored Coconut Oil is delicious on meats and vegetables.

Garlic Flavored Coconut Oil is delicious in so many recipes.

Add a little flavored coconut oil in place of butter to your steamed vegetables as a healthier replacement.

Lemon Coconut Oil and Grilled Salmon are made for each other.

Garlic Coconut Oil is great on seared and grilled meats.

Adding Fish to Your Training Table
Fish such as salmon,tuna and mackerel add not only protein but healthy fat to the diet. Many bodybuilders keep cans or packets of salmon or tuna with them for after their weightlifting set. Pure, clean protein to go! If you are concerned about consuming too much mercury due to the levels often found in certain fish, I recommend Safe Catch Elite Tuna as it has the lowest amount of mercury of any brand. Really delicious Wild Albacore and Solid White Tuna Steak. One 3oz packet gives you a whopping 21 grams of clean protein. Contains most of the Omega 3 fatty acids inherent to wild tuna. Learn more at 

Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna

Tonnino's Yellowfin Handpacked Tuna
These gourmet Yellowfin Tuna Fillet treats are wild caught and hand-packed in little glass jars. A great idea especially when you want to eat a little at a time and save some for later. Contains all of the essential fatty acids and Omega 3's found in natural wild tuna. Try all the seasoned flavors, especially the Garlic and Olive Oil selection. Absolutely delicious from 

Tonnino Seasoned Yellowfin Tuna

Superfood Supplemental Oils
These nutritional or supplemental oils round out the list for healthy fats. This is especially necessary if you are vegan and or do not consume fish in any great amount. I eat fish at least three times a week or more but also supplement with Carlson's Norwegian Fish Oil which has added vitamin D and Omega 3. It has a natural lemon flavor and is easy to digest. 1 teaspoon a day is all you need. Both the Fish Oil and MCT Oil remain liquid even when chilled. They can be added to smoothies and shakes. Available at

Carlson's Super D Omega 3 Oil

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