Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Rapha Women's 100 Cycling Sportive

Join women from all over the world for the Rapha Women's 100 on July 26th!

Now into its 3rd year, the Rapha Women's 100k kicks off on Sunday, July 26th. I'm signed up and mapping my ride for the day but you can sign up and/or find a local ride HERE.

As I've participated in this ride for two years now, I'll be sharing my route details, training table menu, conditioning tips and cycling equipment on XTreme XTraining. You can click here to see my post from the 2014 Rapha Women's 100 Ride.

My Vespertine Vesp & Terry Symmetry from the 2014 Ride

Spring-Summer Training: Since it still pretty cool most mornings, I have a wide range of cool weather cycle-wear to go from about 48-55 degrees. Layers are going to be essential. I like to ride early in the morning if I can before the sun gets up too high. As July is notoriously hot, I chose to wear very light cycle wear such as the Castelli Body Paint series which was incredibly aerodynamic yet cool. 

Castelli Body Paint Kit & Giro Amare Road Helmet from my 2014 Ride

Giro Amare Cycling Helmet is very light and well vented thus was a real lifesaver in the heat last season. I've added Cat-Ears to the straps since last year's ride and can now hear traffic approaching from behind. They help dampen the wind noise quite effectively.

Cat Ears added to my Amare

So these are just a few tweeks I've made to my cycling kit to help keep me cool as well as safe out on the road. Visibility is extremely important so I keep a very bright head and tail light on all my bicycles and run them during the day. I also wear my Road ID which has all my contact and medical information. I wore it for the More Fitness Women's Half-Marathon too! Really anytime I leave the house for a run, walk or ride I wear it. 
Looking forward to getting to it for this cycling sportive!

Want to Ride With Me?  Rapha Women's 100 Sponsorships are OPEN
I am accepting a limited number of elite, fitness related sponsors for the upcoming Rapha Women's 100 Cycling Sportive on July 26th, 2015. Companies interested in supporting/advertising with me on this ride should get in touch as soon as possible via email at:

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