Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Healthier Tricked Out Treats

Healthier Treats to share & enjoy this Halloween

Right now you are most likely in great shape from working out in the cooler fall weather. Your diet is on track and you're looking in top form. Well nothing is trickier than navigating the high calorie, sugary treats of Halloween. You know the drill. You buy 4 bags of candy to give out to the children but days before they even arrive, you've eaten 3 bags yourself. Don't go down this path again this year.

I've begun departing from the high-sugar sweets to hand out and serve at our holiday parties. These are what I will be sharing and serving guests when the Goblins arrive at my door on Halloween:

Gourmet Halloween Treats
Madecasse 70% Cocoa and Toasted Coconut Bars
If you want to make a real impression with your chocolate fountain at your party this year, try adding just a few squares of Madecasse 70% Cocoa to the mix. It will rock your world! A little goes a long way in chocolate fondues, cookies, cakes and other recipes requiring baker's chocolate. It has a bright yet decidedly fruity flavor as it is made from heirloom Madagascar Cocoa.
Madecasse Toasted Coconut & 70% Dark Chocolate:  This is delicious! The toasted coconut sprinkled on the back gives the bright, fruity chocolate a smooth yet tropical finish. Both are loaded with healthy antioxidants, so a square a day will keep the (witch) doctor away. Check them out at Madecasse.com

Madecasse Dark Chocolates

Alter Eco Organic Salted Caramel Truffles
These are near Godiva quality truffles but with a twist. Made with Fleur de Sel de Guerande, caramel, organic dark chocolate and Coconut Oil, these are incredibly good. Organically grown in Ecuador and fairly traded, these truffles contain no artificial flavors or emulsifiers. See them at AlterEcoFoods.com

Alter Eco Salted Caramel filled Chocolate Truffles

Bauli Authentic Italian Mini Croissants-Filled Moist Pasteries
Made in Italy, these are oven-baked and taste a bit like a tender cream puff. The come six to a bag and only 300 calories for the whole sack. That's good because you most likely won't have too much self control once you open one!  Comes in Chocolate and Vanilla Custard and are made with NO artificial colors or hydrogenated fats.

Cases of 6 Mini Croissants
You can give these out or open them to serve to your party guests as they are ready to eat. They pack and travel really well too if you want a croissant to go with your morning coffee. See all the flavors at Bauliusa.com

Bauli Cream Filled Mini Croissants from Italy

Snyders of Hanover Mini Pretzels
In an effort to cut down on the sweets, last year I gave out little bags of corn chips, potato chips and pretzels to the children. They went WILD! You would think they would be disappointed that we were not offering the usual Halloween candy fare. Not at all. These mini bags of Mini Pretzels are perfect. Very fresh and crispy, they are a fat-free food with each bag being only 50 calories. Even if you go through a few of these yourself, you won't feel guilty.

Snyders's Mini Pretzels
I like that these .50 oz bags are easy to store and pass out. Fill your candy bowl with these instead and you'll cut out a LOT of calories as the average full sized candy bar is about 400 calories, most from fat and sugar. Nobody needs that.

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