Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Cycling - Touring Light and Right

My Nishiki Sport Touring loaded for a day of touring.
Fall is the time to enjoy the cooler temps and change of the seasons. This past weekend I loaded my Nishiki with my Detours rear rack bag and hit the road to get some pictures of the autumn leaves turning. Here is some of what I saw while riding in Horse Country where I live in bucolic central New Jersey.

Roadway of colors just starting to turn
All of these photos were taken with my GoPro clone, the Pyle eXpo Mini Action Cam. I had it mounted to my Nutcase Helmet as that was the most secure lid that I own. It worked great!

Fields and a farmhouse in the distance on the left
The farm here on the left raises organic beef cattle. I've often seen them grazing and getting fat on the natural grass behind the white fence there.

Horse stables and riding corral
When I passed this horse farm there was a riding lesson in progress. The stables are there on the right and left (there are two) and I often see the horses grazing in the field.

Believe it or not, this is a road!
This may look like a hiking path but it is in fact a roadway. It is very narrow and quiet so it is perfect for my bicycle.

Peacock sighting! Look closely.
I was going by pretty quickly but if you look just left of center in this photo you will see a male peacock there in the grass. They are usually behind the fence but for some reason he was out today. NBC must have been having a casting call!

My Madison Touring Bag for the day by Detours
My Touring Bag: Detours D2R Madison Rear Rack Bag This bag is just perfect for a day out. It has a long carry strap but I usually just use the shorter straps which neatly tuck inside the side pouches. Inside has a zippered mesh pouch and pockets to hold items securely and separately. This rear trunk rack quickly clips to nearly any rear rack, (I have a Blackburn), and has a Blinkie Clip for your light.
Detours really thought this one out and it is very aerodynamic on the bicycle but looks like classic luggage off. Pop in a sandwich, energy bar, medical kit and extra water. It all fits and the bag does not shift or flop around. Best bag for a short tour!

Detours D2R Madison Rear Rack Bag with Blinkie Attached.

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