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Rapha Women's 100 - My Castelli & Giro Cycling Kit

Cool Move - Castelli's Body Paint Women's Tri Top
The Rapha Women's 100 Cycling Sportive is quickly approaching so I've had to make final choices on my kit for the day. Last year I wore a very light FRC Carbon Fibered Kit by Giodana which was great in the intense summer heat. This year I'm wearing something even lighter. Castelli's Body Paint 2.0 Series.

Castelli's Body Paint 2.0 Series
"Castelli - An unfair advantage." Well, I'll take every advantage I can get, unfair or otherwise! 
The Body Paint W Tri Short Top is ultralight and specifically made for warm summer riding. The velocity fabric is extremely aerodynamic and comfortable at the same time. The white T-Back reflects heat and the top has an internal bra so you can save weight that way as well. More suited for the Ironman, I plan to wear this bad boy for the Rapha Women's 100 for what I hope will be a much cooler ride.

Castelli's Body Paint 2.0 Women's Bibshort
Castelli's Body Paint 2.0 Women's Bibshort
I can not believe how light these are! These have straight, non binding legs yet there are light grippers on the inside to keep them in place. Just like the Body Paint Tri Top, these women's Bibshorts are made for warm summer weather. The genius is how this garment is knitted into a single piece of seamless fabric. Nothing to bind or dig into your skin. Has a Progetto x2 Air Seat pad for extra ventilation and the suspender straps are very comfortable for us ladies with ample assets. See more pieces and kits from the Body Paint Collection at

Giro Amare Women's Amare Road Helmet & Riela Trail Shoes
Giro has been perhaps my favorite helmet for years ever since I got that crazy pink leopard print lid! It still stops traffic and I get tons of compliments after nearly 10 years! It's still perhaps the lightest helmet I own. Here it is below, refusing to be retired.

Giro Riela Trail Shoes & vintage Giro Women's Helmet.
Giro's Amare Women's Road Helmet
What I like about Giro is the fact that they have made a women's specific helmet for an number of years. This is important because our noggins are a lot different from the guy's. Take into account we also have more hair, getting a smaller man's helmet just doesn't cut it. What also sets Giro apart is their attention to styling. The Amare comes in a Matte Black, but take a look at the rear and you'll see it's anything BUT boring. The polka dots are on trend and adds visibility. Featherweight lining with slimline buckle, it has an In-mold - EPS liner, polycarbonate shell. Equipped with 26 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling, it has the Roc Loc 5 fit adjustment system that can be dialed in while the helmet is being worn.

Giro Amare Women's Road Helmet
Giro Riela Trail Shoes
My ride route takes place among the rural horse farms and roads of central New Jersey. So I have worn mountain bike shoes as they grip better on uneven surfaces. I have been wearing Pearl Izumi MB shoes which I like except for the laces. Just my preference but just the thought of laces getting caught in the crank causes concern.
The Giro Riela Trail Shoes are closer in design to my dedicated racing / road shoes. They are much more sleek and lightweight (weighing 290 gms) than my PI MB shoes. Also like my Sidi Road Shoes, they have velcro straps and NO laces. Perfect! While I have only begun wearing the Rielas, I'm excited about using them for the upcoming sportive. See these and more road helmet and shoe styles from

Giro Riela Trail Cycling Shoes in Black/Rhodamine Red
So that's my kit for the Rapha Women's 100 this year. Next up I'll show you some of my favorite training table foods and supplements as well as some special power goodies I plan to take along for the ride. Some tips I'm using to prepare is to:

*Train in the heat and avoid air conditioning. You'll do better to rough it in the heat and humidity to acclimatise yourself to riding in those conditions.

*Train with a heavier bicycle than the one you plan to use for the ride. I am using my sport-touring bicycle fully loaded with a rear trunk. It is at least 15 pounds heavier than my Terry Symmetry.

My Nishiki Sport Touring "trainer".

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