Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tubb's Women's Wilderness Snowshoes

All terrain, all action Women's Wilderness snowshoes from Tubbs
Tubbs (originally of Vermont) makes some of the best women specific snowshoes on the market. I still use my old school Traditional Bear Paw Wood framed snowshoes and they are still kicking it after more than 10 years. They are handwoven by native peoples who have passed the craft down from generation to generation. Truly a functional work of art!
My Traditional Tubbs Snowshoes still rock.
Tubb's Women's Wilderness Snowshoes
These are the same women specific snowshoes designed for the Tubb's Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer events. These are the perfect all terrain snowshoe that can go nearly anywhere, even up hill thanks to the ActiveLift™ heel bar.  We have a large estate so we took these out in the woods on our own land which includes uneven gulleys and streams. They handled it all!
Built for speed, these modern fitness snowshoes can replace your running shoes in the wintertime. Snowshoeing burns tons of calories, (between 400-1,000 per/hr) and is one of the best outdoor exercises you can do. They are lightweight and you can even choose the degree of float desired according to your weight. The bindings are very easy to adjust with gloved hands, (I wear Scott Snowboarding Gloves).

Tubb's Women's Wilderness Snowshoes
The ultimate adventure starts with the right gear. Packed full of great features like the 180Pro binding and the Fit-Step™ frame, the Wilderness snowshoe is the perfect blend of technology, comfort and convenience. And now with the ActiveLift™ heel lift, there’s no adventure this snowshoe can’t tackle!

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