Saturday, January 11, 2014

6 New Super Supplements to Check Out in 2014

These Super Supplements will help defeat fatigue and inflammation while fueling your workout & boosting immunity.
Following on the heels of my last very popular post: 6 Superfoods You Should Be Eating in 2014
here is my list of complimentary supplements to go with those Superfoods. Please keep in mind that supplements are just that. The little extra spark on top of a healthy diet. However, these are cutting edge superstars that you will definitely notice a difference in under a month of use. Here we go:

1.) MitoQ Targeted Anti-oxidant
We all know the importance of anti-oxidants as being elite free radical quenchers. What you may not know is that there is now a supplement with a targeted delivery system to reach the cell's mitochondria. This is the cell's power plant so to speak but MitoQ is designed to especially support the heart, liver and brain. After only about 3 days I noticed more energy and bounce in my step. After a month, many of my minor body aches have all but disappeared. As a result, I'm sleeping better and have more mental clarity during the day. 2 caps each morning on an empty stomach and I'm good.

MitoQ 5mg Targeted Anti-oxidant is on the cutting edge of cellular delivery.
2.) CuraMed by Terry Naturally
Another brand who also understands that absorption is everything is Terry Naturally - CuraMed. If you read any of the latest research extolling the benefits of curcuminoids, one of the compounds found in turmeric, you'll know how amazing this substance is in dealing with inflammation. The only problem is that you'd have to eat buckets full of curry to get the benefits of one CuraMed 750 mg Softgel. The active ingredient, BCM-95 is a proprietary compound of curcumin, (curcuma longa) Micronized Rhizome Extract with added phospholipids and turmeric essential oil. The softgels are very easy to digest and I have completely come off of my prescription anti-inflammatories (Celebrex), since taking it. As inflammation is at the root of nearly 95% of all degenerative illnesses, it's good policy to include such a supplement in your daily routine.

CurMed & other helpful joint savers from Terry Naturally
3.) Rainbow Light Mushroom Therapy
You may not know that the humble mushroom is at the forefront of many clinical immunity and cancer studies. I enjoy marinated mushrooms, Shitake and Portobellos but Mushroom Therapy is THE concentrate for cellular defense. It contains: organic Trametes, Shitake, Maitake, Reishi and Cordyceps along with ginger extract. I take one capsule each day starting in the fall and have not had a cold for 3 years. The gelatin caps and added ginger assist in digestion and absorption being made from USA sourced mushrooms. Formulated by one of the most respected and knowledgeable herbalists in the world, Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac, A.H.G.  

Rainbow Light Mushroom Therapy
4.) Pure Inventions Green Tea Drops
I featured this product in my Antioxidant Powered Workouts...    and for good reason. These delicious drops provide an easy way to boost your green tea intake throughout the day. I keep a bottle on my water cooler and each time I fill up my water bottle, I add a dropper full. Each such serving is equal to about 30 cups of green tea so it's the perfect gym bag or cycling companion. Taking easy to absorb liquid antioxidants like these helps to stave off inflammation and stiffness before it sets in after your workout. No messy, lumpy powders, these drops instantly disperse in your favorite liquid, juice or protein drink.

Pure Inventions Health & Wellness Drops-Green Tea and MORE to go!
5.) Vectomega
This supplement is whole food Omega Fatty Acids derived from salmon. Now, while I would rather have a tasty portion of grilled salmon, sometimes it's just not practical especially when you are traveling. I like my fish oils too but once again, those bottles have to be refrigerated and can spill on you. I like Vectomega because you only need one tablet per day and it is 50 times more absorbable than fish oils. This is because the DHA/EPA compounds are naturally bound to phospholipids for enhanced bioavailability.  This is key because if you're not absorbing it, it's doing you no good. I like that there are no "fishy burbs" with this product and the blister pack keeps everything fresh and travel-ready.

Vectomega by Terry Naturally is 50 x more absorbable than liquid fish oil.

6.) Energems
These are kind of like M & M's with attitude! They make no pretense. The main kicker in this supplement is Caffeine but with an added twist of milk chocolate and B-vitamins. In fact B-12 is the only B-vitamin that is not easily absorbed in the intestinal tract. It needs to be dissolved orally before it can enter the bloodstream so Energems ingeniously has that covered. These really taste good and pack well so you can pop them in your gym, bicycle bag or backpack for an extra energy boost when you need it. The serving size is 3 Energems but they are HUGE and I've only needed about one or two to get the party started. Made in the USA they come in Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Mint. I need these!

Energems offers a smart and quick delivery of B-12.

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