Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School: Healthy Snacks & Fitness for Kids

Going Back to School means kids (and YOU) eating and drinking fresh! Fresh fruit, water and Rainbow Light Gummy Power Sours Multivitamins help support proper nutrition.

Now until September 15th, the Kids Back to School Campaign is promoting healthy lunch and snack choices. Really we all should be making them but our young people are being left at the gate, so to speak. Keep in mind that another problem is that an estimated 65% of Americans are chronically dehydrated! Adding fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables to our diet will add to our daily water intake.

This is a monthly subscription that delivers delicious, theme based snacks to your door. This Back to School Box for August includes a nice sampling of very fresh dried fruits, nuts and crunchy noshes. If your favorite student is off to college, you can arrange to have their NatureBox delivered to their dorm or college post office. I can remember getting "C.A.R.E. packages" on campus, but they were never like this and most certainly not every month.

PHOTO: NatureBox Back to School assortment. Need some ideas for those lunches and snacks? NatureBox gives you five each month.
NatureBox has something for everyone's tastes. I especially like the Santa Fe Corn Stix with their bold tomato, green pepper and onion flavors. The Cherry-Berry Bonanza and Sweet Blueberry Almonds were also extremely good. NatureBox includes approximately 20 servings of five individual, nutritionist-approved snacks and...

  • Snacks are carefully sourced by local growers/independent food producers
  • The NatureBox snacks can be incorporated in recipes and other ideas for healthy eats. Their blog has a ton of ideas: NatureBox Blog
  • Starting at just $19.95 per month purchase a box for as many months as you like and can pause or cancel anytime.
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly snacks available too
  • Use the Coupon Code "SHARE 10" to get a sweet discount on your first order!

Bike to School
Now's the time to check to see if your child's campus has a "Bike to School" incentive or even bicycle racks in place. Estimates show 2 out of 3 boys get the recommended amount of exercise each day but only 1 in 3 girls do! There is a very easy way to make sure your child gets a regular amount of exercise during the school week. Simply stop driving them everywhere and let them walk or use their bicycles to get around. 

Check to see if your child's school has a Bike to School Program.

The Nutrition and Exercise Connection
I think we all know that when we eat right, we have the energy to WANT to be active. The same is true for children. While it is great to improve their nutritional status, they also need to be more active. When they are more active, their appetites are going to increase to the point that hunger may make them want to try new, healthier meal options. 
This is your chance to positively impact your child's future success in nearly every aspect of their lives. Start by having them take a part in preparing their school lunches the night before. Store it in a insulated tote and it's ready to grab in the AM. Put the lunch tote on their bicycle and you have a winning combination going, (literally)!
Reusable lunch-ware and insulated drink container all fit easily in this thermal lunch tote and on a bicycle. 
Below is a Back to School Special going on now from on reflectivewear & bicycle lights  for the kids!

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