Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heat & Sun Awareness: Chill Your Workout

Heat & Sun Busters: Enduracool Towel, Sunblocks & Hydration Day Pack.
Now that the heat is officially on, it's time to prepare your strategy on how to keep cool while working out this summer. There are a few things I keep with me for running, hiking or bicycling that help me to be free from overheating and suffering sunburn. I LOVE a golden tan but I know too much unprotected exposure can ruin your skin. Check out my Heat & Sun Awareness Project on Pinterest for the best sunblocks, clothing and accessories to beat the blistering days to come. So before you head out, here are a few sun & heat survival items to pack for the road.

Running, Walking or Short Hikes
The Dart Lumbar Pack by Mountainsmith
If you are going for a 45 minute run or hike, you can get away with a minimal amount of water, 16ozs at least and pack a water filtration system in your car for refills. This is easy to do at state and national parks and resorts with a clean water supply (fountains). Otherwise, just take a small water bottle with you in lumbar pack like this Mountainsmith Dart TLS Lumbar Pack. It even has a zippered pocket for energy gels and lip / skin sunblock. I use Mission Athletecare's Ultra Hydrating Lip Protector with an SPF of 20. Moisturizing and paraben free, it offers both UVA/UVB protection. The Dart comes with its own little water bottle or you can pop in a Purificup in the holder and filter water on the fly if you know there are going to be clean water sources on your trek.

Day Hikes or Backpacking
CamelBak Antidote 100 oz Reservoir is easy to clean.
Front country hikes that are going to require walks or runs for over 60 minutes should have you taking more water or at least a water filtration system with a refillable bladder. I like the CamelBak Antidote as it fits in most any day-pack or you can get their Mule for minimum bulk & weight.  This is a 100 oz reservoir hydration system and has a very large fill port which allows for easy, thorough cleaning. 

My Rudy Project Hydration II Day Pack accommodates this reservoir with even more room for snacks, sunblock, extra socks and a light jacket. Look for fabrics with built in SPF which can help you stay cooler and burn-free.  I have quite a few new pieces at my Heat & Sun Awareness Project

Bicycle Commutes
Packing for a short ride from point A to point B should not be a problem in the summertime. You may need a little extra water but you can top off before you leave by drinking a extra water and then fill up again when you arrive at your destination. If it's under 4 miles or a short commute, a 24 oz bottle of chilled ice water should be fine. I take a thermal Polar Bottle and fill it 1/3 of the way with ice. It's stays incredibly chilly for the whole ride even on very hot days of 85-90 degrees.

This Detours D2R Trunk Bag accommodates extra water for your ride.
Bicycle Touring
What's good about the Detours D2R Trunk Bag is that you can also use it for longer distance commutes or touring.  The water bottle holder in the rear of the bag allows you to double your amount of water if you also have a bottle cage on your bike. The D2R expands to hold a First Aid Kit, sunblock and extra sun protective clothing.  Add a set of panniers for extra storage and you are really ready for a day on the road.

The Wrap 
The summer heat can be brutal and heat exhaustion and stoke can sneak up on you in short order. Check out the new cooling technology built into clothing, towels and now arm sleeves which also block the sun. If you are running or cycling, wet them, snap them and pull them on. As your blood flows past them at your pulse points, you will immediately feel refreshed thanks to the temperature lowering polymers built into the fabric. You also might want to check the conditions before and while you are out.  Kestrel has come out with a Heat Stress Tracker which measures heat index, wet bulb readings and other important parameters to tell you when heat exhaustion is imminent. A weather meter with this sort of capability allows you to check the weather in your immediate area and alerts you to take the proper precautions to guard against heat stroke.

EnduraCool Cooling Arm Sleeves by Mission

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